Yoga and erectile dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which men are unable to get an erection or maintain one for long enough to have satisfying sex.

ED is caused due to a range of factors. One issue is with the blood flow; there is insufficient blood flow to the penis, which then prevents it from becoming firm. Similarly, problems, with the nerves can also lead to the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Moreover, erectile dysfunction may also be due to mental health problems. Accident and trauma can also cause erectile dysfunction. The underlying cause of erectile dysfunction then determines the treatment for the problem.

Ultimately, your sexologist in Karachi can help you in determining if your condition can be improved. For in cases the damage is not permanent, and the situation is salvageable, lifestyle interventions can be of help. One such tip is yoga.

The benefits of yoga

Yoga is a holistic form of exercise, that serves the mental as well as the physical health, thereby catering to different causes of erectile dysfunction.

Since it is relaxing, it helps in lowering stress and anxiety levels. Not only is stress problematic unto itself, but it also leads to problems like heart diseases that also then impede blood flow. Hence, yoga is help in this regard.

Moreover, it also helps with weight loss. Hence, for those suffering from ED due obesity, yoga can be of benefit. Obesity also leads to low self-esteem, that then causes performance anxiety and the consequent erectile dysfunction. Yoga addresses this aspect too.

Similarly, yoga also aids in improving blood flow in the body. It then helps those suffering from ED on account of poor blood flow to the penis.

Furthermore, as per research, yoga also helps in improving sexual function, and consequently, sexual satisfaction as well. It also helps in also improving erection, ejaculatory control alongside orgasm as well.

Helpful yoga poses

There are different types of yoga, and they have different performance outcomes. The ones relevant to erectile dysfunction include tantra and kundalini yoga. The former targets the psychological health, improving issues with regards to sexuality and intimacy. Kundalini yoga helps in improving the sexual pleasure and performance.

However, these recommendations are not set in stone. You might also benefit from other types of yoga like vinyasa, which helps with weight loss. Therefore, try to experiment with different types, and see which suits best to you.

There are also certain yoga poses that are especially good for erectile dysfunction. These include:

Eagle pose

This pose might require some practice, as it involves agility. To do this pose, stand straight. Then, take your left leg, and fold it over your right thigh, crossing over the leg, as if your leg is a wine running down your limb. Add slight bent to your knees. You can do the same twisting over on your arms as well. Holst the pose for five breaths.

Eagle pose helps in increasing the blood flow to the pelvic region, and hence the penis.

Frog pose

In frog pose, you first go on all fours, known as the tabletop position. Then, start to extend your knees away from your body, lowering your torso towards the floor. The stance of the person the looks like a frog then. This pose helps in working the muscles of the groin. 

Seated forward bend

To do this pose, first sit on a flat surface. Then, extend your legs in front of you. Make sure to keep your spine straight. Extend your arms up, and then start to slowly move forwards, till your fingers touch your toes. If you are not so flexible, just go as far as you are comfortable.

This pose helps in improving the performance of the pelvic floor muscles, and thus aids in improved penile functioning.

Do these poses alongside following the advice of the Best Sexologist in Lahore for improved performance.

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