Why Fayetteville real estate agents are upgrading their websites in 2022

Today, real estate agents are as tech-savvy as their clients. They know that digital marketing is an essential tool for selling their home. So, why do some real estate agents still rely on boring, hard-to-read websites? Are they outdated and difficult to navigate? Or are they simply not updated consistently?

Fortunately, the answer to both of these questions is “no”. In the modern world of digital marketing, many real estate agents have already integrated their websites into their marketing strategy. Instead of manually refreshing their websites every few months, they’re using automation software to refresh their websites automatically. This article will review the top five reasons why real estate agents are upgrading their websites in 2022.

They’re Functionally Updated

One of the most important things for real estate agents to do is to keep their websites up-to-date. They can’t spend all of their time and energy updating their websites. They have other important clients to meet, after all, and they have a job to do every day.

So, why has it been so difficult for some real estate agents to update their websites? The main reason is time. The average real estate agent in the United States only spends 2.5 hours a day on their websites. That’s not a lot of time, and most real estate agents don’t make an effort to spend more time on their websites.

However, things are about to change. In 2022, real estate agents will be able to update their websites more frequently than ever before. They’ll also be able to do so more effectively with the help of technology and Showcase IDX.

They’re Smartly Organized

One of the best things about real estate websites is that they’re very organized. Every page on every real estate website is well-organized and easy to navigate between topics. You’ll rarely have a problem finding what you’re looking for on a real estate website. That’s probably because real estate websites are very organized, too.

When it comes time to update a real estate website, the general manager should reorganize the website’s content into logical sections and delete content that’s no longer relevant or useful. That way, the website will be easier to navigate and less likely to become cluttered with outdated content.


That’s probably the number one reason why real estate websites are not just functional, but also mobile-friendly as well. With all of the new mobile devices on the market, it’s more important than ever to keep your website mobile-friendly. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile, you’re missing out on a lot of potential customers.

With more and more consumers using their phones to access the internet, it’s important for real estate agents to make sure their websites aren’t a huge distraction while they’re trying to sell a home. That’s why many real estate websites are now fully optimized for mobile devices.

They Offer Real-Time Transactions

Another great thing about real estate websites in 2022 is that they’ll be able to handle more transactions in less time. Most real estate websites currently take between two and five hours to process a single transaction. With new technology, though, that timespan will shrink to as little as 30 seconds.

With the new technology, though, you can show your home to anyone in less than 30 seconds. That’s traffic-light technology. When someone clicks a “show me this house” button, the website will automatically show the appropriate home in their favor.

They’re Destined for a Digital Age

Finally, we have to mention the fact that real estate websites in 2022 will be completely digital. They won’t be printed publications. They won’t even be websites that you can search using a conventional web browser. Rather, they’ll be application-based websites, similar to how tech-savvy customers use apps like Facebook and Uber.

In 2022, real estate websites will use artificial intelligence to generate more relevant content for you. It’ll incorporate things like local real estate news, inspection reports, and other forms of user-generated content.

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