Why choose Inflatable Air track mats?

Carpet and grassy backyards cannot help you in exercise and practicing gymnast techniques unless you are ready for an injury. It can only decrease your progress rate instead of helping you to get more fit for your practice. The importance of practice cannot be neglected especially when you are an athlete who wants to increase the progress report in less time. You should practice your lessons at home to reach your goals on these air track mats available at Kameymall.

It’s time to get inflatable air track mats instead of joining cushions on the carpet to ensure your safety. Your passion cannot be compromised due to the lack of equipment, so it is necessary to upgrade your home training with these inflatable air track mats. 

Some homes are small and you adjust these mats easily, so here is an advantage for you. These are the lightest in weight and greatest in quality. Carry them to your friend’s house or some ground to practice, as they are easy to lift for outdoor practice. Even at your home, they do not demand much space and you can solve your safety concerns. Here is more information that you need to learn about these mats to help you in making the right decision. 

Reduce the chances of injury

Tumbling practice needs resistance and mostly it causes injury because most of the mats lack spring and cushion material. You need to choose wisely for what activity you are choosing these mats. These air track mats fulfill your basic needs for this practice and feel free for your practice. 

Size and thickness

If you are a gymnast then you need more area for practice and some exercises also need a large area for body movements. Here we have given the thin and long inflatable rectangle shape air track mats to provide you work in the free environment to practice your techniques. Whether you want more wide more than 3 to 5 feet or from 6 to more than 20 feet long, these air track mat cover all dimensions. The price varies on the length and width of these mats. These mats also have the option of connecting to each other’s so that if you have special techniques to try, don’t wait for gym hours, and practice them now at your home.

The thickness option also varies which you need to choose according to your activity from 4 to 8 inches if you want your mat to absorb the shock of your high jumps. Even though they are available in 12 inches thick but they will need more money. If you are choosing for yourself as an adult, this thickness will suit you but kids can fall from this thickness height and look for another option for them. According to their weight, less thickness can also absorb the shock. 

Main features you need to consider

There are uncountable air track mats are present at the moment, in stores, and on online platforms. If you have experience in purchasing these mats then it is easy for you to just shop for another one because you know what you are looking for. But if your past experiences with air track mats are not great or you are a beginner in this market then you need to consider these features (air pumps, material, handles, and special valves) before shopping. 

  1. Quality can never be compromised when you are ensuring your safety. Look for high-quality material with PVC tarpaulin and fabrics double walled
  2. Handles make it easy to handle these mats when you choose an outdoor practice
  3. Look for the air pumps in the features and product description, if they are not offered then you will need to purchase them on your own. If they are offering then look for the electric pump as it will be easy to fill the air. 
  4. Look for special valves for speedily inflate and deflate activity 
  5. If you want to connect two mats then look for Velcro which will join the edges to allow you to have more length for your practice (consider this only when you want to connect two or more mats, otherwise it does not matter) 


Kamemall gives what you pay for, if you want a thick air track mat then choose it and there will be no extra charges for quality products. As their all products are made of quality material so choose whatever you like on their platform and get them at reasonable prices. Warranty is offered by them as they are sure of their product and never hesitate to ask if you have any trouble with them. 

Warranty matters because you are sure that you will replace the product if it is damaged or have any issues or lack a feature that was mentioned in the description. So if you have chosen two products, one with a guarantee and a little more bucks and one without a guarantee in less payment. Always choose the air track mats with a warranty on Kameymall

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