Where to Top Up BTC Online?

Bitcoin was the first digital currency and its popularity is continuing to skyrocket around the globe. As part of this increase, both online and physical stores are now starting to happily accept bitcoins as a form of payment. Interestingly, bitcoin also fluctuates rapidly and widely in value and can be a lucrative investment. To start transacting in bitcoins, you must first have a digital wallet. Read on to learn where to top up BTC online.


This unique trading platform has physical offices that you can visit to make a transaction. The platform is based in Turkey and has a mobile application where you can trade from your smartphone. With NakitCoins, you can transfer cryptocurrencies to other NakitCoins users for free. 

To use this fantastic platform, you must create an account using a valid email address. After creating an account, a confirmation code will be sent to your email for verification. Bank cards are accepted when making cryptocurrency purchases on the platform.


This online cryptocurrency trading platform enables you to purchase over 59 cryptocurrencies, including Tether (USDT), Ethereum (ETH), and bitcoin BTC. This trading platform supports various payment methods including debit cards, credit cards and cash.

To commence trading bitcoins, you must create an account with Bybit and have it verified. After verification, proceed to the Fiat Gateway to make a purchase. Select the digital currency you want to purchase and the amount. Proceed to choose your preferred payment method and complete the transaction. After a few seconds or minutes, your bitcoin balance will be updated.


Are you a beginner in cryptocurrencies and wondering where to top up BTC online? CoinSmart is the place to be. This user-friendly platform is accessible via a mobile application or the web. This platform gives you access to advanced trading tools facilitating your cryptocurrency trading journey.

To use this platform, you need to create an account with CoinSmart. Verify your account by using your identification documents. Upon successful verification, link your credit card, bank account, or preferred payment method, then deposit funds into your account. CoinSmart lets you track your trading history, including withdrawals and deposits.


This platform supports trading in over 50 cryptocurrencies using debit or credit cards. With BitStamp, the lowest transaction value you can make is $25. To trade on BitStamp, you must be verified on the platform. Deposit the funds into your account and purchase the cryptocurrencies of your choice. This platform is renowned for allowing instant purchases and withdrawals.


This platform enables you to purchase and sell bitcoins with ease. The platform offers mobile applications compatible with Android and iOS devices. Binance supports payment options such as bank transfers, credit cards, and other online payment channels. Binance is one of the most secure cryptocurrency trading platforms. You will incur a fee of 3.5% for each transaction.

Final Thought

Now you know where to top up BTC online, you need to choose a platform that meets your needs. For easier and more convenient transactions, check whether the platform has a mobile application.

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