What to look for when buying Cannabis  


Over the years, the interest of many in cannabis has grown. Thanks to research, cannabis is no longer the substance used only by potheads and riffraff. Besides, the use of cannabis does not mean you will lose your senses and constitute a nuisance to society.  

Many people have embraced cannabis for recreational and medicinal use. With deep research, it is evident that cannabis can help medicinally and recreationally. As a result, various dispensaries have already offered marijuana products for sale. 

However, this is not a license to patronize the first dispensary you see on the street. When you consider the high demand for cannabis products, evil beings have seized the opportunity to flood the market with fake products.  

However, you can find the right cannabis product to meet your needs with some guidelines. Here are some things to look out for when buying cannabis: 

There is More to Quality than THC 

There is more to cannabis than THC. Inside cannabis is a complex array of substances like terpenes and cannabinoids, and THC is just one of them. These substances work together when consumed to produce the entourage effect so that you will get the best from cannabis. As a result, you will get a robust and well-rounded impact and a balanced high. 

While a THC-dominant strain will help somehow, you will not get the diversity that comes from terpenes and other cannabinoids. Most people have reported such experiences as short-lived, incomplete, and one-dimensional.  

As a result, paying for high-quality cannabis gives you everything cannabis offers, more than just THC.  

The Consumption Method 

Cannabis exists in various forms like tinctures, oil, edibles, vape oil, etc., which also determines the method of consumption and, ultimately, the effect it will trigger. In other words, the consumption method will determine your experience. We are the leading online cannabis dispensary in Canada and have years of experience delivering only to get cheap hash canada 

When you eat or drink cannabis, the ingestion method, the effect will differ from what you get through inhalation, i.e., when you smoke or vape the substance. Inhalation gets the substance directly into the bloodstream so that the effect will be fast and almost immediate.  

As a result, vaping is one of the most popular forms of cannabis. Many top companies exist today that sell a series of inhalation products like pacific grass tincture and vape devices for people who care about the instant effect of the product.  

The effect takes 45 minutes to kick in when consumed as the body needs time to digest it. When you consume marijuana by ingestion, on the other hand, the effect takes a while before kicking in. Edible marijuana is available in various forms like gummies, soda, etc. 

Cannabis Exist In Hundreds of Strains 

There are various types of marijuana, and the types keep increasing since it is possible to cross two unrelated breeds to produce a hybrid. It is called strains, and they exist in hundreds. Strains are neither recognized by the THC nor CBD content, but the aromatic oil and terpenes are responsible for the unique smell and taste. Terpenes all stand out for their impressive effect on users.  

As a result, citrus-like terpenes can fuel energy in users, while some strains with herbal scents can calm the nerves. Even though strains affect people in various ways, the makeup is similar.  

What do you want in Cannabis? 

Still revolving on the previous point, cannabis has several strains available, and each has a different effect. Your choice can tilt towards the Indica, Sativa, or even a hybrid strain. This means you need to know what you want from the cannabis product before visiting the dispensary.  

Their guidance will go a long way to direct you on using the product, what to experience, and possible side effects. An idea of what you want will make it easy for the budtender to help you and personalize your experience. Also, with their expertise, they can guide you towards some strains that might suit your needs.

Check the CBD Content  

One of the most active compounds in the cannabis plant is called cannabinoid – CBD. It has no intoxicating effect and is responsible for a series of health effects that people experience. Most cannabis contains CBD and THC in various ratios. However, a higher proportion of CBD or a balanced CBD to THC ratio might cancel some of the high effects THC might trigger.  

If you don’t want to be high, go for cannabis with a higher CBD ratio. Generally, cannabis products with a CBD concentration of 4 to 9% have a high CBD ratio. Talk to your budtender for recommendations on such products. In addition to the CBD content, one also needs to consider other factors like the terpene profile, the THC amount, and the flavor.  

Know how to Recognize Quality Cannabis  

Many people might not be suitable to smell a flower before purchasing. However, freshness can be an indicator of product quality. It is usually degraded, with the terpene content evaporating steadily and losing value after six months.  

Proper storage comes in to preserve the content and slow down the degradation process. The composition revolves around the harvest date. As a result, check the harvest date on your flower before buying. This way, you can be sure you will get the entourage effect that makes worth it.  

However, that is an advantage for people who patronize a dispensary where they can easily smell the flowers before packaging. You can determine the terpene profile from the scent because the more intense it smells, the richer the terpenes.  


The points listed here can go a long way to guide you from buying low-quality cannabis.  This article has explored several things to consider when purchasing online.  

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