What is the Right Age to Start Consuming Weed?

Weed is the dried flowers, leaves, seeds and stem of the plant of Cannabis Indica or Cannabis Sativa. The plant also comprises mind-changing amounts of chemical THC along with other elements of the same kind. Extracts are also manufactured from a Marijuana plant. Weed is a widely used addictive drug just after alcohol and tobacco. It is used widely amongst the younger generation.

In the year 2018, over 11.8 million youth consumed weed in the earlier years. As per many surveys, the rates of weed consumption in the past years among high and middle school students have been slow, but the rate at which teens have started consuming it has increased rapidly. With an increase in the popularity of vaping devices, THC has got vaped almost 4%. Additionally, the number of youth who find the consumption of regular weed is hazardous is on a decline. The legalization of weed for recreational and medical purposes in a large number of areas may cause an impact here. 

Why do people consume weed? 

Marijuana can overly activate parts of your brain that comprise a high number of all these receptors. This can lead to the “high” feel that people get. Other effects are changed sense of time, impairing of body movements, delusions, hallucinations, changed senses and mood changes. 

Marijuana can also affect brain development. When people start to consume Marijuana in their teens, the drug can cause impairing memory, thinking as well as learning functions and impact the brain’s way of building connections amidst the various areas required for the functions. Researchers continue to make attempts at how long the effects of weed can last and if the changes are temporary.

At what age should you start consuming weed? 

As per a recently conducted study, American people are overenthusiastic in the restriction as far as it is about getting access to the drug. The minimal legal age to consume weed must be near about 19 years old, as per a study that was published recently in one of the journals of BMC Public Health.

At this age, negative effects on mental health, educational attainment, and physical health are decreased, the study says. The legalized age for consuming Marijuana in Canada, where the researchers have an origin, differs based on the area where a person is living. In most of the provinces in Canada, the legalized age for buying weed or order weed online is 19. Only in Alberta, it is 18. In Quebec, the minimum age for weed consumption is 21. 

People smoke weed in many ways like water pipes (bongs), pipes or hand-rolled cigarettes known as joints. They can be also smoked in blunts, empty cigars which are completely or partially filled with weed. To prevent the inhalation of smoke, people also use vaporizers. These devices can pull out the main ingredients like THC from the weed and vapour is collected in storage space.

A user can then inhale the vapour, without any smoke. Some vaporizers also make use of the liquefied extract of the cannabis. Weed can also be mixed up with edible items like cookies, brownies, brews or candy. A very famous way is consuming or smoking various forms of resins rich in THC. 

When someone smokes weed, THC rapidly passes into their bloodstream from the lungs. The blood also carries the chemical to the brain as well as other parts of the body. The body is absorbent of THC steadily when the person eats or drinks. In such a case, they usually feel all effects just after 30 minutes and it .au last to 1 hour. THC works on particular receptors of brain cells which usually show a reaction to organic chemicals like THC. These organic chemicals play a significant role in ordinary brain development and their function. 

The long-term use and consumption of weed have also been associated with mental illness in several people like temporary paranoia, temporary hallucinations, worsening of symptoms in schizophrenia patients. The consumption of this drug has also been associated with other mental health issues like suicidal thoughts, anxiety and depression amongst teenagers. But, there are mixed findings for this study. 

When can weed overdose occur in teenagers?

An overdose of weed may occur whenever someone uses an ample amount of the drug for producing symptoms that are hazardous to their life and even cause death. There have been no adults or teens reported to die just from the consumption of weed. But, there are people using weed who can deal with disturbing side effects particularly when they use marijuana products with higher levels of THC. Symptoms like paranoia and anxiety have been reported by people and in some cases, a high psychotic reaction has been recorded that can cause them to ask for treatment in the emergency room. 

Though a psychotic reaction may occur by any way of use, the responders in an emergency room can see an increase in the caseload of weed edibles. Some people who have very little information about the edibles don’t often have the realization that it may take a longer time for a human body to feel the effects of weed when eaten and not smoked. So, they prefer consuming a greater amount of the edible one, making attempts to get the high feeling quicker or as they think they haven’t consumed sufficient amount. Additionally, it has been found that some toddlers and babies have become severely ill after the ingestion of marijuana or leftover edibles in the house. 

That’s all you should know about the right age to start consuming weed. If you are a beginner or someone who hasn’t tried out this drug yet, you must be considering a lot of factors before consumption. The factors include knowing the legal age, as it is very subjective and may depend from one state to the other. The rules and regulations associated with weed are very different from one place to another based on several factors. Make sure to get familiar with the laws and policies of your local state. 

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