What is Neuro-Vision Therapy?

Neuro-Vision is referred to by some as vision training or vision rehabilitation. A neuro-optometrist uses a different type of cutting-edge technology designed to improve vision in both children and adults.  This technology focuses on more than 30 visual skills, allowing optometrists to diagnose and treat complex vision problems that are commonly overlooked by traditional eye examinations.

This type of therapy is different from traditional eye treatments. Neuro-Visi1on goes beyond prescribing ordinary contact lenses and eyeglasses. Neuro-vision therapy develops and strengthens the pathways leading to the neuro-vision pathways that lie between the brain and the eyes.

Is it Right for Me?

To find out if neuro-vision is right for you, contact our office and schedule an appointment. If you have constant vision problems after visiting your eye doctor, and still do not see any relief, you could be a good candidate for neuro-vision therapy.

You might feel that your vision is not severe enough for this type of treatment. However, you need to find out if this type of vision therapy is right for you. We will examine your eyes using our newest and most effective techniques to determine what steps we need to take to get you the answers to your questions.

We welcome your questions and concerns. We will provide you with the details of neuro-vision therapy, how it works, and what you can expect. Contact our office at any time for more information about how we can help you achieve optimal vision.

How Does it Work?

To better understand how neuro-vision therapy works, you first need to understand the correlation between the eyes and the brain. The brain creates an image that is sent from the eyes. Although neutrons do not increase in numbers, they can create stronger pathways. The sensory neurons are powerful, and they are the key players in how we perceive the information we see. Neuro-vision therapy takes the process several steps further than occupational and visual therapies. Results are achieved with the use of prisms, lenses, and filters.

Do I Need a Consultation?

If you are experiencing some sort of eye problem, you need to talk with a neuro-optometrist in Denver. We will give you a complete eye examination, using our own cutting-edge technology equipment. After we get the results, we will determine if you are a great fit for neuro-vision therapy. If you are a good candidate, we will proceed with setting up an individualized vision plan based on your test results. We will answer your questions and let you know what to do next.

What Happens Next?

After we gather all the test results and focus in on where the problem lies, and what you need, we will schedule your initial appointment. Your treatment could last sports performance, learning deficiencies, reaction time, data processing speeds, eye teaming, spelling, math, writing, and reading. In some cases, therapy can last an average of six weeks to one year.

However, this depends on the intensity of your problem. Most visual problems improve with bi-weekly therapy sessions over a period of several months. Nevertheless, the neuro-optometrist will determine the method and length of the treatment.

Vision Problems Facts Among Children and Adults

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 12 million people over the age of 40 in the U.S. suffer from vision impairment. An average of 6.8 percent of children younger than the age of 18 suffer visually impaired problems, including blindness. These reports state that even with wearing prescription glasses and contacts, visual problems still exist.

Approximately eight million people have an uncorrected refractive error, one million are blind and three million have vision impairment after correction. These numbers are staggering, but this does not have to be the final decision. If you want to get your neuro-vision eye exam and start planning your treatment, please contact our office today.

 We serve people in and around the Denver area. Your problem might be too much for you to handle, but for us, your vision problem is worth fixing. You can schedule your appointment by phoning our office at (720) 408-1400. Our physical location is 300 South Jackson St. Suite 320. Denver Colorado 880209.

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