What does a validity recharge mean?

Validity recharge, also popularly known as the Service Validity recharge, is a scheme that was rolled out for the users of prepaid SIMs to enjoy the services through extension by recharging validity packs offered by telecom operators.

Generally, these validity recharges are available at very low price ranges in order to keep the services active. There are many service providers in the market who offer these services as per the mandatory guidelines by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)

Why do people choose the validity recharges?

On average, people nowadays tend to keep at least two mobile numbers, either of the same telecom company or different service providers, for many reasons. Out of the two, there is one primary number which is mainly used by the customer and the secondary sim card for various other purposes.

Now suppose the first number, which may be for his work/home usage, is getting recharged regularly while, on the other hand, the person may or may not recharge the other one. In this case, the validity recharge comes into the picture.

The validity recharge adds ease to his budget as he doesn’t have to recharge both his cellular networks at high prices. Instead, he may opt for validity packages like a VI validity recharge or other networks you might be using at a very feasible structure.

Now, what if the person’s secondary mobile account is linked with bank accounts or for ATM OTP service? In such a scenario, it becomes necessary to get your recharge done. There’s a possibility of the outgoing services still being available until an expiry date. Now the person may check for a VI recharge plan available either on the official portal of the company’s website or platforms like MobiKwik and choose the most viable option for himself.

TRAI and changes in Validity plans

When this feature came into the market, it provided people with numerous benefits in terms of minimum recharge and access to accounts with a low balance or after the expiry dates through their recharge plans. However, many companies provided validity recharge packs primarily for prepaid accounts. This is due to the fact that postpaid comes with payment for services after utilizing them. But in the case of prepaid, you need to recharge either through the combo packs or these minimal validity packs like a VI validity recharge before the usage of services. And the validity recharge came as a solution to address these issues pertaining to access to prepaid accounts.

But the problem started arising as many telecom service providers weren’t providing the long duration plans or the plans available were very limited in the market. Therefore, understanding consumer needs and requirements become necessary when it comes to daily needs-based services and providing flexibility is of the utmost importance.

The TRAI has compelled telecom operators to provide people with at least three plans which are the one plan voucher, a special tariff voucher and a combo voucher.

Online validity recharges and plans

Initial developments in technology and its amalgamation with the telecom sector have witnessed trends over the past few years. People used to visit shops and telecom centers to do their mobile recharge. However, times have changed, and so have the ways to make these types of payments. With the surge in digitalization, people have started to make recharges online, and online payment platforms have eased the procedures massively.

Now, one can select a VI recharge plan andmake an aptvalidity recharge accordingly. From the basic prices, you can go up to a higher price plan which suits your needs well.


We have delved closely into many factors, and reasons why you should choose the validity recharges as one of the alternatives to high recharge plans for one or two sim cards. These have many advantages, and with increasing consumer-friendly processes, it becomes easier for customers of any telecom provider to avail the best of these services. Apart from the availability, it depends on many other factors like unwillingness to recharge multiple prepaid accounts at the end of every month and keeping a track record of every detail. And that’s why the validity recharge process has been made hassle-free with MobiKwik so that you can do it online within your comfort sphere.

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