What Are the Benefits of Employing Remote Developers as Freelancers?


Hiring freelancers save US firms between 30 and 40% on labor expenditures. Hiring remote developers as freelancers not only saves money but also offers you access to a global talent pool. In exchange, remote engineers have the opportunity to work on fascinating projects with the world’s best organizations while earning at least 30% more than what is offered for equivalent activities locally.

The following are the main advantages and disadvantages of employing remote developers as freelancers:


  • Because of their years of experience across different organizations, freelancers are especially effective at adjusting to new situations, jumping into projects without hesitation, and producing results swiftly.
  • Their diversified knowledge can also provide new perspectives and insights to improve overall project outcomes.
  • You will not be compelled to offer any job-related perks to them, such as insurance, equipment, gym memberships, and so on.
  • You can quickly end collaboration when you no longer need it in most cases.

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  • Freelancers can work with many customers at once, and this multitasking environment can contribute to poor task performance.
  • Freelancers are harder to govern and less loyal.
  • They follow their guidelines (which most likely include more freedom regarding when and where they work).
  • Because it is uncommon for a freelancer to desire to stay for an extended period, you may find yourself looking for someone new more regularly than you would want.

Why isn’t freelancing more common among those looking for small development jobs?

Hiring remote engineers as freelancers for many firms looks to be an easy operation. What’s the harm in that? It’s faster and less expensive in general. You only need to set up recurring payments, and you’re done!

With this approach, some organizations pay their freelance team members and trust them to work out local norms and regulations independently. As a result, distant contractors are typically unsatisfied since they do not obtain the local advantages associated with employment (healthcare, retirement, unemployment benefits, equity, etc.).

What elements should you consider while seeking remote developers to work as freelancers?

The recruiting process is another issue when hiring remote developers as freelancers. You or your HR managers will most likely utilize GetEmail.io, which comes with a LinkedIn extension, and connect with the remote developers or use hiring sites or development communities to discover talent.

Before starting your search in any nation, perform your research on the local market in terms of:

  • the time difference between your country and mine
  • compatibility between cultures

The remote development industry in Ukraine, for example, is thriving.

Experienced developers are in high demand, and they typically have multiple jobs offers to choose from. As a result, if you delay your recruiting decision, for example, owing to a lengthy internal approval process, you risk losing the preferred applicant to a rival.

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