Valentine’s Day Celebration Guide For Newly Weds

Whether you’re the romantic sort that wants to be wined and dined on Valentine’s Day or prefer to spend the 14th on your sofa with someone special, there’s no denying that your first Valentines Day as a married couple is something special. This is your second best chance, after your anniversary, to show your sweetheart how much you adore them. The best thing about a married Valentine’s Day is that the expectations are different than they have ever been. You’ve gotten to know each other better, what to expect, what your spouse enjoys, so all that’s left is to sit back and celebrate in ways that you both love.

Start A Tradition

The most important tradition that should be followed for your whole life is giving Valentine gifts to your lovely wife. It’s tempting to go all out for your first Valentine’s Day, but if you’re recently married, remember that there’s something pleasant about creating your traditions. Perhaps you have a favourite restaurant that is ideal for the two of you. Perhaps you both enjoy hiking or foreign flicks. Try something classic but also wholly you for your first Valentine’s Day as a couple. Make it something you can take a day off for, even if you’re still in the throes of your honeymoon, and reconnect with the humble beginnings of your romance with a goofy romantic date that will transport you back in time and fit into your new family traditions.

Do A Wine Bar Crawl

It’s a lot more intriguing than a typical sit-down supper. Instead of staying in one place, move from one to the next, ordering different types of wine and tapas along the way. Of course, it never hurts to save one for later. Order multiple types of wine for delivery, add a charcuterie board to the mix, and begin sipping.

Cook For Each Other “With Love”

Cooking food for a loved one is always a memorable occasion. However, you can make it even more memorable by preparing meals with twist-meals that allow you to show your love. This includes making heart-shaped pastries or scribbling a simple heart with tomato ketchup on his sandwich, among other things. Include one such love-themed item for each meal, and he will be smitten.

Go For A Picnic

Set up a romantic setting in your neighbourhood park with a blanket, basket, your favourite wine, and delectable nibbles. Bring a speaker and enjoy the companionship of your spouse while getting some fresh air; you can also cut a Valentine cake to celebrate this day.

Go For A Spa Date

Spa days are typically the best value for your buck when it comes to relaxing and spending quality time together. You can go as extravagant or as frugal as you like, depending on your mood. But, most importantly, you’ll be able to spend quality time together and leave feeling rejuvenated. Furthermore, many spas feature unique Valentine’s Day packages with add-ons like champagne and chocolates, so you’ll be sure to feel the romance while getting pampered.

A Scrapbook

The tried-and-true present never fails to bring a grin to the recipient’s face. Purchase a blank album with a classic or love-themed design based on your spouse’s preferences. Fill in the blanks with all of your memorable memories, such as the first time you went out on a date, the day you got engaged, and, of course, the wedding day. For extra allure, include notes, ticket stubs, love letters, or any other mementoes you have.

Surprise Your Newly-Wed With Chocolates

Your wife will devote her entire life to your well-being. As a result, it is your heartfelt responsibility to retain a lovely smile on her face. Choosing a surprise gift for your partner can delight her. There are numerous web portals where you can select a surprise gift and win your partner’s heart.

Go For A Long Drive

Long drives with your better half have a romantic ring to them. Could you imagine a more romantic trip with arterial roads, soft music, and the love of your life sitting alongside you? Maybe not! So, this Valentine’s Day, take a long drive with your husband. Don’t forget to stock up on trinkets. And if you’re capable of driving, take the wheel.

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