6 Useful Tips From Jonah Engler To Build a Healthy Relationship with Yourself

Healthy Relationship

Wellness is all about diet and exercise to most of you. But very few of you can realize that the concept of wellness lies far beyond taking care of your physical selves. If you truly want to remain healthy, you have to create a healthy relationship with yourself. 

A healthy self-relationship is multi-layered and complicated. There are many aspects of the relationship, just like relation with another person. And just like all other relationships, you need the right ingredients to cultivate a compassionate and loving bond. 

  • Jonah Engler discusses vividly how it is essential to maintain harmony with your inner self to project the best of you in public. Many of you secretly hate yourselves for so many reasons. And this hatred or guilt won’t allow you to feel or be “yourself” in public.
  • There is no fear in accepting your flaws of yourself. But there is trouble if you are not ready to identify these problems and work on them to handle the issues in a mature manner. 

If you are suffering from such self-hate feelings or you feel anxious in public presence, it’s time to follow some tips and be in tune with yourself to achieve a confident personality. The problem is common in people belonging to different cultures and traditions. So, never feel that you are alone and are facing such difficulties in life. 

Here are a few tips from the expert to explain how you can deal with such issues and establish a good relationship with your inner self. 

Tip #1: Recognize and remove negative self-talk

All of you have a voice inside your head that tells you what is wrong and what is right. But in most cases, the inner voice leads to harmful ways. So it’s time to recognize whether the voice is saying negative things. 

One of the most depressing phases of life can arise from such negative self-talk. Once you start noticing the negative aspects of the inner voice, it will be a big achievement as often, unconsciously listening to the voice will lead to wrong decision making. 

Tip #2: Be compassionate to yourself

People can make wrong decisions at any time, regardless of their age or mental maturity. If your parents or some close family member make a wrong decision, won’t you forgive that person? Yes, you will, for forgiving will give you peace. Then why not apply the same principle to yourself?

  • If you make any wrong decision in life, you have to forgive yourself first. You can make a mistake, but you also have to forgive yourself for learning from the mistake and moving on.
  • You have to look at your life decisions from a different lens and perceive whether the mistake is unforgivable. 

Practicing self-kindness is the first step in building a very healthy and happy relationship with yourself. 

Tip #3: Be mindful

Life has become so busy that you may have stopped examining how you feel today. But that will break the connection with your inner self. Ask yourself questions like 

  • How are you taking care of yourself?
  • What are you doing to improve your self-care practices? 
  • What changes can you make to improve the quality of your personal and professional relationships? 

Find out the things that are taking up the maximum time of the day. If you are not contented with the way you are spending time, find the changes that will keep you happier. 

Tip #4: Be aware of the people around

You don’t have to be an extrovert to maintain group awareness. It’s just a perception that you are not alone in feeling different emotions. Every people around you face such mental issues at one point in time. Once you start analyzing someone’s behavior towards you as a response to some trigger, you will realize that people are not bad. It’s the different ways of perception that cause misunderstanding. 

If you are aware of people around you and their feelings, you will also start giving importance to your feeling equally. If you don’t like mixing with certain individuals, ask yourself, why don’t you like their company? The answer will help you to analyze whether the behavior may have some justified reason on the part of the other person. It opens up a different aspect of the human mind that allows you to be stronger and more understanding. 

Tip #5: Spend some time alone

When you connect best with a family member or a friend, you will notice that it’s always when you are alone with the person. So when you aim to establish a deeper connection with yourself, you need to be alone with yourself. 

Not everyone has the mindset or time to take a solo vacation, but even spending a few hours with yourself can be helpful. 

  • Jonah Engler suggests that you can even have a cup of coffee and read a book all by yourself to spend some “me- time.” it basically allows you to spend the time as you like. Many of you forget to spend time with yourself with the burdens of office work and domestic responsibilities, which is also important. 
  • You can even take a short road trip and do as you like for a few hours. It’s vital to perceive life every now and then all alone. 

Interact with yourself and pamper your desires to ensure that your inner self is happy. 

Tip #6: Let go of humiliating memories

Everyone has humiliating memories, which will always make you feel anxious, awkward, or upset if you continue thinking about it for around five minutes. But now, you have to notice how you generally react to such memories. Is it possible to think of the situation from a completely different perspective? 

There is no reason to hold on to the memories and suffer from pain again and again. Allow the thoughts to come, but don’t allow them to affect your mindset. You cant go back in time and fix the memories. But you can make your upcoming journey better if you let go of these thoughts. 

Once you are in harmony and at peace with your inner self, you can lead a happier and healthier life. 

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