Tips For Using Energy Comparison Sites

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Energy comparison websites allow you to compare rates from different suppliers. They help business owners to choose the right energy-saving plans. Thus, when shopping around for the right plan, use a comparison website like Utility Bidder. Here is how to use an energy comparison website.

How To Make A Switch

Before switching to another supplier, it’s important to have certain information ready. This includes postcode and details about your supplier. You need a verifiable postcode.

You need information regarding your current supplier. This includes the name and postal address. You should also have the name of your tariff. You will be asked about your annual energy consumption as well as costs.

Find The Right Tariffs, Suppliers

The next step is to use the comparison site to find the right tariffs. Ensure that when switching the supplier, you will save money. Request the supplier to give you details regarding his/her rates. Use an Ofgem—accredited site when comparing different tariffs.

Weigh The Options

After gathering all the information, compare different options. Things like the customer care desk of the supplier should inform your decision. Choose a cheaper but environmentally friendly plan. Consider flexible plans that come with free incentives and cashback options. Don’t choose a supplier who will make it hard for you to switch to another supplier.

Choose Tariffs

Choosing the right tariff is important. Your company should choose a flexible tariff. Thus, research about different types of tariffs. What are the pros and cons of each tariff?

Confirm The Switch

Confirming your tariff is the last step. Here, you will be prompted with a payment method. After making the payment, you will need to wait for confirmation. You will be contacted by your new supplier. On average, it takes 21 days for the deal to go through.

Are You Planning to Change Your Mind?

If you have other ideas and want to cancel the deal, do it within 14 days. However, don’t be in a rush to cancel. Research first. Ask your utility bill comparison website for help.

Signs That You Need a New Deal, Supplier

Don’t be stuck with an old, expensive deal. If you are not satisfied with your energy supplier or plan, you can always switch. Look for a plan that enables you to save money. Here are a few signs that you need a new plan or supplier.

Huge Bills

If your bills keep on rising, it’s time to look for a new supplier. However, circumstances can force the bills to go up. In these cases, your supplier should communicate with you in advance.

Billing Errors

Unresolved energy billing errors can be annoying. If your supplier is not committed to correcting these errors, then it’s time to move. Look for a new supplier by comparing energy rates.

Poor Customer Service

How does the customer care desk treat you? Are you contented? Well, if you aren’t happy, then it’s time to switch to a new energy supplier.

Regular Power Cuts

Regular power cuts can affect the operations of your business. Don’t let these power cuts kill the prospects of your business. Switch to a better option.

Rates Keep On Changing

If you notice that the rates are rising each month without explanation, move to another supplier. However, speak with your supplier first. If there is no good explanation, move to another option.

The Bottom-Line

Getting the right energy deal can be challenging. For instance, you will have to move from one supplier to another comparing rates. You are required to gather information before making a decision. That’s why you should seriously consider using energy comparison sites. The above are tips and tricks for using energy comparison sites. 

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