Things to Consider when Preparing a Vehicle for Transportation

When you entrust your car into the hands of someone else for transportation, it can be a nerve-racking experience. That is why it needs to be a well thought-out procedure from start to finish so that there is no room for error. This guide serves as a reminder of what to think about when preparing a vehicle for transportation. 

Take Photos of Your Car 

First and most importantly, take photos of your car. The following things should be evidenced:

  • Tires
  • Exterior Conditions (any scratches and dents)
  • Interior Features 
  • Mileage
  • Gas Level 

Tires are the most common thing to get damaged while moving so ensure they are correctly inflated and take pictures of their condition to maintain continuity. Exterior conditions are second most likely to deteriorate so again, any pre-existing cosmetic damage should be properly recorded in case things arrive looking worse than they did at departure. 

Interior damage is the least likely to occur unless the car is used without your consent but it’s still worth having pictures of how it looked before it left your control. Having evidence of the mileage when you release the car ensures that nothing is amiss when it is returned and that no one has driven it about illegally. Gas levels play into this as well but it’s important to know what was in the tank, and that there is enough gas to drive the car on and off the trailer learn how to prepare to ship car across country here.

Ensure a Condition Report takes Place

The condition report is your backup. It is legal documentation that details any and all details of the condition of the vehicle. Alongside your photographic evidence, this report can serve as a way to dispute any noticeable defects and protects the company from illegitimate claims as well. 

Use a Legitimate Service

You can’t always trust the guy you meet on Craigslist, right? There is a lot of value and peace of mind in using a credible vehicle moving company. Not only will you guarantee the safe delivery of your vehicle (save natural disasters and external factors) but you are getting a service you can trust with your valuable asset. Professional companies are accountable and will ensure everything is above board and as it should be so there is much less room, if any, for foul play. 

Remove all Valuables

It is all too easy to leave personal possessions in the car – but you cannot make this mistake when parting temporarily with the vehicle. Whether or not you need the things left in there, the moving company or third party will likely not take any responsibility for their condition when they arrive. There is a high risk of losing them entirely or of them breaking during transit. 

The transition of your car from one place to another should be a smooth process. With the help of the right company, your vehicle will be safe from start to finish and arrive exactly as it left. Though if you do prefer to use a private individual just make sure to do some background checks first.

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