The Use of AI in Enterprise Intranet

The internet as we know it is a massive information system spanning millions of networked devices, servers, delivery systems, and endpoints. The digital world is, well, a world in its own right. The Internet Age ushered in an area of transformation for the workplace, changing the way firms do business forever. Some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Google, Facebook, Uber, and many others would not exist today if it weren’t for the creation of the internet as well as how quickly it penetrated the market thanks to services like Spectrum internet and TV packages. 

But the internet isn’t the only information system out there, just the most popular. Companies made use of intranets and extranets as well to share information within the organization. However, until recently, they were considered redundant and were neglected to a large degree. This is largely because the internet grew much faster and became far more accessible. As a result, individuals were able to access information without relying on the company’s intranet or extranet. But the recent advancements in artificial intelligence are bringing about a massive change in enterprise collaboration through company intranets and extranets. This blog explores how. 

How AI Is Powering Growth in Corporate Intranets and Extranets 

Artificial intelligence has seen periods of intense interest, as well as being put on the back burner, since the 1950s. It is only recently that data science and supporting technology such as cloud have advanced far enough for artificial intelligence to become a serious topic of discussion, not the subject of science fiction movies. From that point on, AI has been revolutionizing the way businesses operate, and this has also trickled down into the use of collaboration tools within enterprises. 

Intranets are closed networks often used within private organizations to help different teams work together collaboratively. People outside the company are usually unable to access the network. While most people have forgotten they exist, intranets are still very much in use in larger enterprises that handle huge volumes of documents, content, and information. More than that, intranets can serve as a useful collaboration tool and help different teams engage with each other to deliver results more efficiently. The problem was, intranets lack the intuitiveness we have grown accustomed to with the internet. AI is changing this in many ways, including the following:

ML Powered Recognition and Error Correction

One of the technologies that we often hear about in conjunction to AI is machine learning. Machine Learning or ML is a technology that essentially allows a machine to “learn” based on absorbing data. The more data the system absorbs, the smarter it becomes. Some current use cases of machine learning in intranet systems include error identification and correction as well as voice recognition. Both add immense value to any company intranet system.

AI Delivering Personalized User Experiences 

Provided you invest the effort into understanding what preferences the users of your company intranet have, AI can help personalize the experience to each user. This has been shown to contribute greatly towards greater user adaption, something that most enterprises have difficulty with at the best of times. 

AI Improves Integrability With Other Systems

Gone are the days of standalone intranets. Modern internet tools are still very much in use in most enterprises. Therefore, modern enterprise intranet should be able to integrate with these modules and allow users a larger degree of flexibility without having to switch applications. AI can help with this. 

Intranets Can Be Moved to Mobile 

Conventional intranet systems have the unfortunate reputation of being clunky and very rigid in terms of use. In most cases, you can only access them from a computer connected to your company’s network. However, given the increasing shift towards remote working as a necessity, these systems must be accessible on other devices, smartphones in particular. AI can ensure users can access the intranet from any secure connection. 

Real-time and Accurate Analytics

The internet offers much more than access to knowledge. It also offers statistics on users and their behavior, as well as the analytics needed to make inferences. Intranets can offer the same advantage, gathering user statistics to improve user experience on an ongoing basis. Thanks to AI, making decisions based on actionable information becomes much easier. 

Improved Search Capabilities 

Company intranets usually just contain information about your enterprise. In certain cases, it may not contain all of the information relating to your organization as well. This often prompts staff to access the internet for access to specific company knowledge. For example, to call Spectrum customer service for technical assistance over the company’s internet service. AI allows your intranet to develop powerful and accurate search features. This will encourage greater user adoption, as well as limiting the need to switch between different browsers and programs. 

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