The Ultimate Food Guide: Everything You’re Going to Eat for the Next Week

We live such busy lives that we rarely get the time to think about what we are putting in our bodies. We eat whatever is most convenient without really thinking about it much. We hardly ever consider the effects that food is going to have on our bodies, which is why half of the world is becoming more and more obese every day while the rest is suffering from malnutrition. 

If you have finally decided to take your diet seriously, you have made the right decision. Here is a comprehensive guide that will help you maintain a healthy diet throughout the week:

  1. Eat whole-grain foods for breakfast

Starting your day with whole grains is a great idea. Most of us, especially the younger generation, prefer having processed cereals for breakfast. Although they taste amazing, they can be quite bad for your health. 

You should instead have whole grain foods in the morning like brown bread, crackers, oatmeal, and brown rice. These foods are rich in fiber, protein, and vitamin B which keeps you healthy and keeps you replenished for longer. 

  • Add some vegetables and fruits to your lunch

With so many options to choose from, we rarely go with vegetables or fruits for lunch. However, vegetables and fruits are very important if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Having vegetables doesn’t mean that you have to eat bland and boring salads every day for lunch. You can get creative and try different recipes. 

For example, you can add a bunch of different vegetables in a pan like carrots, capsicum, peas, and potatoes, add a bit of salt and pepper, and saute them to make a delicious lunch. Go on the internet and find other creative vegetable recipes to make your lunch healthier and more fun. 

  • Protein-rich foods for dinner

Everyone knows how important protein is for the human body, not only does it help keep your bones healthy, it is also essential for muscle development and healthy skin. Make sure that you add some amount of protein-rich foods to your dinner every day. You can have different nuts, tofu, fish, eggs, poultry, lean red meats, milk, yogurt, and low-fat cheeses. Fill at least a quarter of your plate with such foods every day and you will be good to go. 

  • Snack on nuts and dried fruits

Rather than snacking on unhealthy processed snacks, you should snack on different nuts and dried fruits. Not only are they great for your health, but they also taste extremely good, especially when you combine a bunch of different dried fruits and nuts together. 

Combining a few salted peanuts, almonds, raisins, dried dates, and walnuts together makes for an amazing snack. You can also try different combinations to see which one tastes the best for you. 

  • Replace soft drinks with water

Most doctors will tell you to drink a lot of fluids throughout the day in order to stay healthy. However, those fluids shouldn’t be soft drinks or coffee because that is not going to do a lot of good for your body. You should make water the drink of your choice. 

However, make sure you are drinking the right kind of water because sometimes there can be a lot of harmful bacteria in it. The best option is to boil all your drinking water, but if that is not possible for you you should try reverse osmosis water. Moreover, if you are in search of the best high quality bottled water then visit this link they also offer custom label water bottles. Although it is completely safe to drink, you should still look into some common problems of reverse osmosis water to stay on the safe side. 

  • Stay away from processed foods

The biggest problem with having processed foods is that they make you feel full but don’t give your body what it needs. During the processing, all the important nutrients are removed from them and salt and sugar are added for taste. This kind of food is extremely harmful to your body and it is better to minimize having such food if you want to have a long and healthy life. 


If you start taking care of your diet today, you can completely change the quality of your life. You might not see the health benefits right away, but you will start experiencing a change in your overall mood after a few days. Moreover, in the long run, you can potentially add a few extra years to your life by maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout your life. After all, your diet is a critical component in both your physical and psychological well-being. All the best, my friends! I wish you a great day ahead! 

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