The Best Photography Studio For Taking Portrait Photos of Employees

When you aim to hire new staff, a key goal is to make the process as easy and painless as possible so that your candidates are more likely to stick with you. That might sound like an unreasonable or challenging demand, but it needs answering if you are serious about having happy, long-term employees. One way of undertaking that is by ensuring they have an enjoyable experience when visiting or trying out your company. As part of this, it is vital for them to feel like they are being treated with respect and valued for their time. Europe has many options in terms of photography studios, which can be overwhelming for candidates even though most people aim to book in advance because the demand for photoshoots is high.

As a company looking to hire new employees, you want the best results. Therefore, do you have a photography studio that provides exceptional service? If not, then it is time to find one. You could go DIY and use your staff members to photograph new candidates, but what are the chances of them pulling off such a feat? They might be able to get some good shots, but they probably will not be optimal, so it is best to hand over the task to a professional photography studio near you. Here are the best photography studios for taking portrait photos of employees:


With over three decades of professional experience behind them, including expertise that spans everything from education law to emerging trends in photography, Kolonihaven is one of the most well-respected studios for portraits available in Norway. Their team of certified, skilled, and experienced photographers strive to produce natural and true-to-life portraits of employees with the best look. They are committed to creating exceptional images every time.

Kolonihaven has remained the most visited film and photo studio in Oslo, Norway, for the past three decades. That is one of the first studios in Norway to use digital photographic technology. The vision of Kolonihaven is to make their clients shine/fourish when taking photographs.

When it comes to professional photographs for employment purposes, Kolonihaven does what other companies don’t do: take responsibility for all photography events from start to finish. They are not just something you hire as a “fill-in”: they are integral to your business. They inspect the workplace and consider every detail when they design a package that is suitable for you. Kolonihaven experts will discuss different options with you, talk about your needs and expectations, and then develop a tailored service that suits your specific requirements.

EyeMedia Studios

EyeMedia Studios have been a leader in providing Portrait photography for companies and individuals for more than ten years, providing thousands of clients with quality images. Their photographers understand that there is nothing more important than getting a feel for what you want from your portrait session and then delivering it on the day. Every photographer at EyeMedia Studios has undergone extensive training. They are full of passion and understanding for what you want from your photos.

As they have their studio in Central London, there will never be a time that you have to wait for your photo session or delivery time ever again. The friendly photographers at EyeMedia Studios will guide and help you present yourself well in front of the camera. They are always ready for their sessions and will turn up on time when and wherever you need them to be. They also keep themselves up-to-date with the latest trends in photography and understand that how good you look also depends on how you feel on the day of your photoshoot.

A great photograph can make the difference between a mediocre portrait and a fantastic one. EyeMedia Studios wants to capture the best moments for their customers, so they never settle for less than perfect photos.

STUDIO Halmstad

STUDIO Halmstad has over ten years of experience looking after clients throughout Sweden, giving them unrivaled knowledge of all they work with and a proven track record for helping their customers have the best look. All of their images are taken in an ambient natural light studio, which helps to create a real, relaxed atmosphere that puts their customers at ease.

STUDIO Halmstad offers flexible hours so that people can come in any time during office hours (during weekdays). They also offer to open outside office hours to accommodate your busy schedules. Further, they have friendly staff who get to know you and your job role, show what you are like, and are very professional. They make sure that your photos are taken in a beautiful setting, with ample natural light, and that the pose is intriguing.

The team at STUDIO Halmstad is made up of creative innovators who enjoy what they do and are committed to their craft. They have a passion for photography and photography techniques. They can produce ambiance, style, and class that produce the most incredible employees portrait photos in Sweden by putting in the extra effort.

STUDIO Halmstad takes clients’ privacy seriously. They never show the full-length shots or place any personal details on their website or blog, making sure this information is only available for clients to view when they want to see it. They also keep all records/negatives for their clients’ exclusive use. STUDIO Halmstad also ensure that every model used in their portfolio is over the age of 18 and never works with underage staff or presents them as adults

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