The Best Five User Experience Testing Methods

User experience testing is a method of analyzing various attributes of user experience in order to ensure the most effective interaction between the website and the user. This testing not only helps you to understand the likable elements of the website but also you will be able to recognize which elements of the website foster the conversion rates. The user experience testing method is very much effective to find out the weaknesses of the website and recognize the ways to make the website more easily navigable for the user. Above all, using this testing method, you can get an idea about the ease of using your website. You can also compare your website with other sites and check for the first impression, trust, etc. of the website.

The Best Five Methods for User Experience Testing:

Among several methods, five essential methods for testing user experience are-
i) The Voice of the Customers:

In order to understand the needs and expectations of the customers, you have to listen to the customer’s voice. However, a recent study byRuby Newell-Legner in ‘Understanding Customers’ states that among all dissatisfied customers, 96% do not contact the organization to make a complaint, only 4% do. The reason behind this is the ineffective ways of providing feedback. The study also shows that 91% of dissatisfied customers leave the organization for purchasing any product. Therefore, it is quite evident that if the organization can offer suitable options for providing feedback and fix the issues, the customers can stay at the organization. For this reason, to improve the user experience and to get feedback, an organization should provide effective review systems on their website. An organization should also encourage its customers to contact them through emails and phone calls.

ii) Recording of the Tasks:

An organization can invite real users to test their website. When the users execute certain tasks on the website, the recording system will automatically record the session. After that, the organization can learn about the interaction between the users and the website through the recording system. This method is effectiveto understand the users’ navigation, expectations, and needs. This testing method will also help to make changes to the website for a better user experience.
iii) Card Sorting:

The card sorting test helps a website owner to design the hierarchy of the website on the basis of the expectations and needs of the users. In this test, different users are asked to classify the information and contents of the website. This test helps you to organize your website to make it more easily navigable for the users.

iv) Ask the Users:

Instead of waiting for the users to interact with you, you can seek their views directly through a survey or poll. You can implement this strategy on your homepage, blog, and other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

v) Accessibility and availability:

Sometimes, the users can face problems using a URL to access your website. Therefore, you should always take care of the accessibility and availability of your website. You should also audit for usability to improve the user experience.

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