The Best Coffee Scenes in Hollywood Movies

No one can deny that coffee is a major part of Australian culture. Many people love it so much, and even Hollywood loves to include it in their movies. The following are the best coffee scenes from some of Hollywood’s most iconic films

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I Love Lucy

In the iconic film, I Love Lucy, the lead character and her best friend Ethel sneak into Ricky’s show at their old theatre by disguising themselves as men who work there (it doesn’t go quite according to plan). After one too many blunders, they make an awkward escape, but not before running out of the theatre only to be stopped by security for stealing coffee cups.

The Lord of the Rings

Frodo and Samwise Gamgee must walk all over Middle Earth on their quest to destroy Sauron’s ring once and for all. After being saved by Gollum, Sam offers him some coffee in his thermos flask. This simple act of kindness marks a turning point in their relationship and helps to bring Gollum back from the brink of darkness.

The Hangover 

Bradley Cooper’s character, Phil, wakes up after a wild bachelor party with no memory of what happened the night before. He soon discovers that he has lost his best friend Doug, so he and the rest of the guys set out to find him. 

One hilarious scene finds them tracking Doug down at a cafe where they interrupt him while he’s having breakfast with his new girlfriend. After a tense confrontation, Phil finally convinces Doug to come home with them and get help for his hangover.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Audrey Hepburn’s character, Holly Golightly, is a poor, young girl living in New York. She works as a call-girl and her only friend is Fred (played by George Peppard). One morning they meet at the local cafe where she takes him for breakfast to thank him for all his help with some errands he ran for her during the night. 

It seems like an innocent enough scene, but it ends up foreshadowing their tumultuous relationship later on in the movie when he falls madly in love with her.

The Devil Wears Prada

A good cup of coffee can help you get through the day, but what about a bad one? This is explored in The Devil Wears Prada when Andy (Anne Hathaway) decides to buy her first pair of designer shoes. 

After getting caught up at work with Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep), she misses out on her chance to grab lunch and winds up starving. One problem leads to another, and before long, it’s nearly midnight—making this scene all-the-more memorable!


Ben Stiller’s character takes a break from being ridiculously good-looking by working as a male model. In one scene, he goes out to get coffee with his best friend and fellow model Hansel, played by Owen Wilson. These two have some of the funniest banter in any movie ever made— so much so that this whole scene is worth watching!

Roman Holiday

The iconic Audrey Hepburn stars in Roman Holiday as Princess Ann who breaks free from her royal duties for a day while visiting Rome. To avoid detection, she dresses up like an average American tourist named Joe, but things take a turn when she gets lost trying to find the Spanish Steps without knowing where she’s going (after getting distracted buying ice cream). 

She winds up at Cafe Greco late at night, which is thankfully still open. The owner gives her a cup of coffee and helps her get back on track.

Forrest Gump

In Forrest Gump, we follow the life of Tom Hanks’ character as he experiences some of the most important moments in American history. One such moment is when he meets John F. Kennedy at a campaign stop in Greenbow, Alabama. 

After shaking JFK’s hand, Forrest goes to the local cafe for a cup of coffee and tells the waitress all about it. This scene perfectly captures the innocence and optimism of Forrest Gump, as well as his unbreakable faith in humanity.

These are just a few examples from some of Hollywood’s most iconic films. Whether you’re looking for inspiration on how to make your own coffee or just want to reminisce about some of the greatest movies ever made—this list has got you covered!

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