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Choosing which US CPA exam study materials to practice to help you pass the US CPA exam is the most crucial decision you will make in this stage of your career. It is very important to know all the differences between each CPA exam study material to be properly prepared.

All the CPA study material providers claim to have the best result, but choosing the wrong exam study material could cost you hundreds of valuable study hours and thousands of bucks. Bottom line: you need to find the top-rated US CPA exam study materials that adequately fit your learning style. You’re probably querying: Which is the Best CPA study material? Or more importantly, which exam study materials will benefit you pass the US CPA exam 4x faster than anyone else in the industry?

The top-rated and trusted CPA classes in India

The best US CPA study material is the one that will benefit you pass all four sections of the US CPA exam, as described by the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants), as fast as feasible. Despite the fact, we all learn uniquely. Some candidates learn best in a classroom environment, while other candidates study better going through the exam material on their own. And, to obtain the best CPA exam materials for you and your way of learning, training, and knowledge, check out these comparisons given below for your ready reference.

FREE live/virtual classes for US CPA Starting from October 30, 2021

KC GlobEd is one of the top-rated and trusted CPA classes in India that was established to help Indian students to learn and obtain international education from top international professional of the accounting industry along with the in-house team of subjest matter experts. FREE live classes for US CPA Starting from October 30, 2021, you can feel free to connect with the best accounting professionals in India that will help you pass the CPA exam in one go. Solve all your queries and take full opportunities by attending free classes.

  • Live/Virtual Interactive Classes – Provides you with entrance to Live/Virtual Interactive classes every Saturdays and Sundays.
  • 100% FREE Placement Support – Supports its candidates by giving 100% placement support in top MNCs, Big4s, and F&A companies.
  • FREE Mentor and Counselor Support – Grooming sessions to learn global education from international instrcutor along with the in-house team of subject matter experts.
  • Personalized Exam Study Material – 7,000+ multiple choice questions (MCQs), 400+ task-based simulations (SIMs) and 300+ essays along with comprehensive online as well as published textbooks.
  • Passionate Surgent Instructors – 100+ hours of live video sessions by top instructors.

According to the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants), picking up the best CPA study material to help you qualify for the CPA exam is a very crucial decision because it can instantly impact whether or not you’ll pass all four section of the CPA exams and become a US Certified Public Accountant. Finding the top CPA Review Course providers will make or break your efforts to pass this particularly challenging test.

With numerous top-rated CPA study stuffs available out there to choose from, how are you assumed to know which study material will actually work for you? The best solution is to look at each CPA review course and see how it matches your learning style. The difference between happily passing all four sections of CPA exam or losing it depends mostly on how well your exam study materials prepared you. Many end up buying the wrong CPA review course the first time around, fail the exam and end up having to spend for multiple CPA Review Courses before they get the right one.

Surgent CPA Review Course

Surgent is the world’s top-rated and number one CPA review course for CPA aspirants powered with adaptive learning technology. This course is sponsored by many accounting firms including Institutes, Universities, Colleges, MNCs and Big4s. Over the past few years, Surgent has gone through several necessary changes and now become the most popular and demanding CPA review course in the world that helps aspirants pass the exam 4x faster than anyone in the industry.

Benefits of studying with the Surgent adaptive learning software

  • Most experienced subject matter experts in the accounting and finance industry.
  • World-class A.S.A.P technology based adaptive learning software.
  • Unlimited access to the software until you passes the CPA exam.
  • Personalized CPA exam study material which means candidates can focus on their weaker study areas rather than areas they’re already mastered in.
  • Offers a money-back guarantee
  • 100% placement support
  • Live video/virtual classes

So, what are you waiting for? Get all your queries quickly answered. We have got you all covered with the best review course in India and best CPA coaching in India. Please feel free to connect with us. Any feedback from your side is highly welcomed.

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