Stretches To Prevent Pain and Improve Health

If your daily routine involves standing for a prolonged period, you would know how difficult it can be. This causes a range of aches, including back, foot, knees, and heel pain. Plantar fasciitis is a condition that develops due to inflammation in the tissues of the heel bones. Moreover, a poor overall posture can further stress the back and feet, leading to musculoskeletal issues.

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In addition to this, when we talk about a sedentary lifestyle, we usually think about sitting for long periods. But standing also falls under sedentary behavior and can cause many health problems. This behavior affects the muscles and joints, causing them to stay in a constant state of stress and thus affects their ability to function adequately, causing aches and other problems.

Various studies have suggested that prolonged standing is linked to fatigue, lower back pain, leg pain, and cardiovascular problems. So if you are one of these people, then here’s how you can get relief and prevent the risk of health problems.

Stretches to improve pain

Here are some stretches you can include in your daily life to improve the stress caused due to standing. You need to repeat every stretch three times and hold it for 20-30 seconds, for a few times every day. You can also get expert help from gym Idaho Falls to better your posture and reduce aches due to long period standing.

1) Calf stretch

How to do it?

Stand two steps away from the wall and place your palms against the wall. Put your right foot forwards and put a slight bend in that knee while keeping your left foot behind and its knee straight. Your feet should be pointing forwards. When you shift your upper body forwards, you will feel a stretch through your calf. So you need to hold this position and then switch sides.

What does it do?

This lunging exercise helps in promoting circulation and flexibility in your calf muscles. The stress and cramping that are caused due to prolonged standing can be alleviated with this exercise. It also helps in preventing plantar fasciitis and other such problems.

2) Quad stretch

How to do it?

Stand straight with knees touching each other, and use a chair or wall for stability. Grab your left foot with your left hand and pull towards your butt. You will feel a stretch through your left quad. Hold the position and repeat with the right foot. Make sure to keep your abdomen and back straight.

What does it do?

Since quadriceps are one of the largest muscle groups in your body involved in every activity, ensuring their proper movement is essential for our body. The quad stretch helps in stretching this muscle group and keeping it flexible.

3) Flexion stretch

How to do it?

Sit up straight on your chair with shoulders back and knees apart with your feet flat slightly towards the front on the ground. Hold this C shape position. Next, lean forwards bending your lower back, sliding your hands between the knees down towards your feet. Then return to the sitting position slowly and repeat.

What does it do?

Standing for a long period can affect our back extensor muscles. These muscles in the spine allow us to stand and pick up objects.  So long-standing periods can tighten them and stress them out, leading to back pain. This lumbar flexion stretch will help promote circulation in your lower back muscles and thus reduce tightness and increase flexibility.

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