Sourcegraph Series 2.6b Released: What’s New?

Sourcegraph 2.6b is a major update for the software, and we’ve put together this blog post to highlight all the new features. From better performance to revamped graphs and charts, Sourcegraph 2.6b is packed full of updates that will make your work as a data analyst easier than ever. If you’re using Sourcegraph for data analysis, check out the 2.6b release!

What’s New in Sourcegraph Series 2.6b?

Series 2.6b release includes: 

-Performance improvements and bug fixes.

-Updated translations.

What’s New in Sourcegraph Enterprise?

The release of the Sourcegraph Series .b is finally here! This post will look at what’s new in this release.

We’ve added a lot of great new features and enhancements to the Sourcegraph Enterprise Edition:

– The new user interface makes finding the information you need more accessible than ever. Everything is organized into tabs, making it much easier to start with Sourcegraph.

– We’ve updated our search capabilities so that you can more easily find the information you need. Now you can search across files and code lines, as well as through folders and projects.

– You can now see which files have been changed or added since your last update. It will help you keep track of your project’s progress and ensure that everything is up to date.

– We’ve also added support for Git versioning, so you can more easily manage your source code revisions.

Overall, this is a significant update for Sourcegraph Enterprise Edition, and we hope you enjoy it!

What’s New in Sourcegraph Studio?

Sourcegraph Series. b is now available as a free download on our website. This release includes new features, bug fixes, and contributions from our community.

In this release:

– We’ve added support for Azure Functions. You can now use Sourcegraph to analyze the code in your Azure Functions projects and see how it’s performing and tracing dependencies across function calls.

– We’ve also added support for Go 1.10, the latest version of the Go language. You can use Sourcegraph to analyze your Go code with all the features we offer for other languages.

– We’ve significantly improved our dependency analysis capabilities, including support for circular dependencies and lazy evaluation of functions and packages. It makes it much easier to understand how your code is executing and why it might not behave as expected.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let us know – we’re always interested in hearing from you!

What’s New in Sourcegraph Cloud?

Sourcegraph Series .b Released: What’s New?

With the Sourcegraph Series. b release, we’re excited to announce several new features and improvements that make working with source code more efficient and powerful. Here are some highlights:

1. More Powerful Navigation with Hierarchical Searching

We’ve improved search engine capabilities by adding hierarchical searching to the Sourcegraph Explorer. It allows you to find files, folders, or even entire projects quickly and easily. Type a few keywords into the search bar at the top of the explorer window. Sourcegraph will show results based on their importance or proximity to other items in your source code repository. You can also use the filters at the bottom of the window to narrow your search further.

2. Better Collaboration with Team Projects

Team projects are now supported in Sourcegraph Series. b! To create or join a team project, open an existing project in series. b or create a new project using the new “team” template. Your team members will automatically be added as collaborators when they sign in to their accounts on Sourcegraph using their GitHub credentials (or if they have been added as collaborators on an existing project). In addition, team projects support multiple workspaces so everyone can work on different parts of the project simultaneously without conflicts arising. For example, one user might work on a line-by-line diff while another reviews and comments on pull requests. We hope this new feature will make collaborating on source code projects easier.

3. Improved Sourcegraph IntelliSense

We’ve made Sourcegraph IntelliSense more powerful and intuitive by adding support for multiple languages and file types. Now, you can type a few keywords into the search bar at the top of the explorer window, and Sourcegraph will show you results based on their importance or proximity to other items in your source code repository. You can also use the filters at the bottom of the window to narrow your search further. You can also use our new auto-completion feature for more complex searches, automatically suggesting relevant items as you type.

4. Improved File-Backed Navigation

In addition to hierarchical searching, we’ve also improved file-backed navigation in Sourcegraph Series. b. It means that when you open a project from a Git repository or a zip archive, Sourcegraph will automatically add all files in the project to your explorer window so you can work with them without having to copy them over first. It makes working with large projects much easier and faster, mainly if you use Git or zip archives for version control.

5. Enhanced Connectivity with External Tools

We’ve enhanced connectivity with external tools by adding support for Git and Mercurial repos. Now, you can use Sourcegraph to track changes made to files in these repositories and see the same information shown when you use external tools like Git or Mercurial.

6. Improved Error Handling

In case something goes wrong while you’re working with source code, we’ve enhanced the error handling capabilities of Sourcegraph Series. b. If a problem occurs while trying to connect to a repository or load a project, Sourcegraph will notify you about the issue so you can fix it before continuing. In addition, if errors prevent you from loading a project or accessing its files, Sourcegraph will offer to save your work so you can continue later.

7. Improved Performance and Reduced Memory Usage

We’ve significantly improved the performance and reduced memory usage of the Sourcegraph Series. b. It means that working with large projects is now much faster and less resource intensive than before.

Please get in touch with us on our Facebook page or mailing list if you have any feedback or questions about Sourcegraph Series.


After a long-awaited and much-needed update, Sourcegraph series 2.6b decembermillertechcrunch has finally been released! This post will summarize all the new features added in this release. So whether you’re looking to check out all of the changes or want to learn more about some of our favourite new features, keep reading!

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