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Whether you gave or received a gift of fine jewellery this holiday season, one thing is for sure: it was an experience you’ll never forget!

With its sparkle and shine and high intrinsic and sentimental value, jewellery is often a welcome and sought-after gift for holidays and other special occasions. Because of its versatility and uniqueness, fine jewellery can make a meaningful and special gift to show someone you care.

If you purchased or received jewellery this holiday season, here are a few things to know about how to get the most out of this beautiful and special gift.

What is it made of?

Jewellery can be made from various precious metals, with gold, silver, and platinum being the most popular. However, titanium and tungsten are gaining favorability thanks to their more rugged, unbreakable appearance. Knowing what your jewellery piece is made of can help you take good care of it so it stays beautiful and looks new for a long time.

What’s your ring size?

If you were one of the couples lucky enough to get engaged over the holidays, chances are you now are the proud owner of a gorgeous engagement ring. And as you may have found out the hard way, knowing the wearer’s ring size is of utmost importance to ensure a proper fit. Too tight could get stuck on the wearer’s finger or not go on at all. Too loose, the ring might fall off and get lost down a sink drain or sidewalk gutter. Be sure to visit a jeweller before or after making your ring purchase to have your finger measured so you can have a perfectly sized ring. Already bought the ring? No problem—you can have it sized up or down. Also, if you’re trying to ensure your proposal is a total surprise, you can always enlist the help of a friend or family member who might know the recipient’s ring size.

Does the jeweller exclusively sell a particular designer or brand?

It isn’t about labels and prestige but about trusting the store for expert advice and care. For example, suppose you are looking for jewellers who Sell Rolex in Denver. In that case, you know you can expect people who not only have a deep knowledge and understanding of the brand but also can answer your questions about features, maintenance and repair. If you want to purchase fine jewellery from a particular designer or company, be sure to find a store with a reputation for expertise with that designer so you can count on high-quality support over the piece’s lifetime.

The gift of fine jewellery can be intimidating for both the giver and the recipient, but by knowing a few of these key things, you can be sure to take good care of your purchase for enjoyment that lasts a lifetime.

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