Role of Education in the Development of a Country

Education has always played the most essential and fundamental role in the development of any country. Diogenes Laertius quotes that the foundation of every state is the education of its youth. In Latin, the word education means to draw out the hidden talent and potential of pupils. Hence, a well-established education sector produces valuable citizens who are resourceful to the country and contribute immensely to the development of prosperity of their motherland. Such essential assets have led governments to strengthen their education system and bring necessary changes to thrive in the modern era with their qualified youth. Saudi Arabia is one such country. The government has made a vision 2030 Saudi Arabia to develop its health, education, recreation, and tourism sectors, due to which it is much easier to visit Saudi Arabia.

Economic Development Due to Educated Youth

Economic development means the efforts made to improve the economic well-being and quality of life of the country’s citizens. These efforts include identifying the financial problems and planning new strategies and reforms to tackle them. The formation of plausible reforms is only possible with the aid of credible, capable, and well-educated policymakers. Due to such educated individuals’ efforts, a country can be put on the road to prosperity. Education also lowers the poverty rate of the country, therefore, contributing to economic development. Moreover, it is easier for educated people to find jobs and earn livelihoods to live a quality life than uneducated individuals who are often victims of poverty.

Industrial and Agricultural Development

Quality education produces thinkers. Educated individuals are capable of innovations and developments. By designing and manufacturing new products and machinery, with the aid of their knowledge in educational institutes, they contribute greatly to the industrial and agricultural fields. Students of agriculture fields are taught in detail about the plant types, fertilizers, soil types, etc. Engineering students are qualified and capable of developing machinery and bringing new trends to the agriculture sector. Such knowledge helps to strengthen the industrial and agricultural fields of the country. 

Civilized Society

The most crucial benefit that education provides to any country is the birth of a civilized society. A country fails to prosper if its citizens are not cultured. Education teaches the manners to live in a community and put the country’s needs above one’s desires. A civilized society is a peaceful society with sensible people who follow laws and contribute to the country’s development.

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