Reversi Game- Here Are The Basics For You

Playing board games is fun and very interesting. Due to this fact, the games like Reversi are becoming increasingly popular, and more and more people are engaging in them. However, being popular there are a lot of misconceptions about this game, such as it being the same as Othello. Therefore, in this article, you can read the basic idea of this game and how it works สล็อต.

What is the Reversi game?

Reversi game is an ancient game that involves you making strategies to win the game. It was designed for two players who would play on an uncheckered 8×8 board. Invented in 1883, it has been played a lot and confused with Othello a lot. The game is played on a board that has a total of 64 (8×8) squares and 64 discs which are white on one side and black on the other side. These colored sides are made for the players to choose one color each and then turn it according to the game. 

The aim of this game is rather simple and basic that you have to turn the opponent’s discs into your color before the game ends. It can also be said that to win you have to fill the board with the discs of your color before the last square is reached. These strategies are fulfilled when you place more of your discs than your opponent and fill the board with your discs, without any cheating. 

The rules of the Reversi game

The rules of the Reversi game are simple to understand and follow. However, if you have any confusion, read the manual or rules. Here are the rules with clear language. 

  • There is no mandatory color in the Reversi game. From the discs to the board, it could be any color, blue, black, brown, red, or anything.
  • There is no such rule of beginning by placing four discs in a diagonal pattern on the board. The game can be started anyway. 
  • There are a few possibilities that only one direction is available to capture the opponent’s discs, for that you can choose between horizontal and vertical formations.
  • There is no passing of turns in the Reversi game. You have to put forward your disc when it’s your turn no matter what.
  • The game only ends when one player loses the ability to move on the board completely. If you have no space to move, you lose. 

The Reversi gameplay 

The Reversi game is pretty simple, but you still have to know the basics and rules. The gameplay begins with four discs placed on the center of the board in a pattern that the two similar colors make a cross. This time you and your opponent can choose either of the colors and then begin by placing more discs of your designated color on the board. For winning the game, you have to surround your opponent’s disc by placing your discs and then capturing them completely. 

When you succeed in capturing the disc, you can flip it by turning it around into your color. The ideology is that if you surround your opponent’s disc, it is captured by you and then follows your color suit. To achieve this, you can try making various lines (such as diagonal, vertical, or horizontal) by your discs to surround the opponent’s discs and then cover more blocks than your opponent. This way your discs will increase in number and ultimately, you’ll win.

Winning in Reversi game

To win the Reversi game, you have to fill the board with your discs. The goal is very simple like chess, you just place your discs on the board, surround and capture your opponent’s discs, turn them into yours, and voila! There you have more discs than your opponent, clearly indicating that you’re the winner. In this way, when the final disc count is done, you’ll be the winner with more discs. 


  1. How many colors are there in one Reversi game?

 In a Reversi game, there are two colors only. These colors could be white and black, or red and blue, or white and green, or any other combination. You can choose either of the colors and play the game. All the discs have different colors on both sides since the game involves turning the discs into one’s color for winning. The player must capture the opponent’s disc and then turn it into one’s color. 

  1. Is Othello the same as Reversi?

Well, Othello and Reverso may seem similar to you but they are not the same game. Many people, websites, gamers, etc., think that these two games are the same because of their similar rules and playing style, which creates a lot of confusion. Reversi can be called similar to Othello due to its basics and since it is older than Othello, but these games are different. 

  1. When was Reversi invented?

Reversi was invented in 1883 as a board game for two players to be played on an 8×8 board. It had the basic idea of winning by turning the discs to one’s color, before the opponent. For this, the player has to turn more discs to his color than the opponent and have more discs of that color on the board before the game ends. The game ends when the last playable empty square check is filled and it should be your disc to fill it if you want to win the game.

  1. Is Reversi solved?

It is possible to solve the reversi game on standard 4×4 boards and similarly on the standard 6×6 boards. These boards are less complicated than the standard 8×8 boards due to lesser checks and squares that take less time to fill them. The perfect win has to be done by solving the boards with the winner’s discs before the opponent ones. For the 8×8 board, it is difficult to solve it completely as the strategic lines and paths are only settled in computer analysis but not in a real game.

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