Reasons Why Applicants Fail in CISA® Certification Exam

If you want to challenge your IT skills and yourself, CISA examinations are made for you. There is a reason why we have such a low passing rate for the CISA® or certified information systems auditors.

Opting for a CISA® course can help you get your fundamentals right, and refresh the already learned knowledge. The course comprises an extensive and comprehensive approach that can help you acknowledge the syllabus. Although the course has a very low passing rate with some tips and tricks, you will be able to!

Practice makes a man perfect- it’s an already stated statement. The CISA certification can take a lot from you but will give you the best professional base and scope of your career. It is administered by the ISACA.

The ISACA body administers the results and information and has not revealed the passing rates recently. The ratio was around 40~50% from successful to unsuccessful applicants.

With the right guidance, tips, dedicated practice sessions, expertise, internship, real-time examples, thorough study, and dedication you can break the same and get certified information systems auditors from the ISACA board. Let’s explore some tips.

Reasons for Failing the Certified Information System Auditors (CISA®) Exam

You can follow the crucial ISACA CISA tips, overlooking these tips might get you failed. The ignorance of the below facts is why the applicants fail the CISA Certification exam.

  • Not Studying CRM Comprehensively.

CRM is the review manual for CISA, that is provided by the ISACA. It is a fully packed guide for the CISA or the certified information system auditors exam. This book provides a much-needed reference for the students to study. The book can help in giving detailed info and knowledge about the CISA exam.

All the responsibilities of the system auditor professional are taught in the CRM. If you want to self-study, opt for this book and read it thoroughly. You can give it a read twice at least to fully comprehend the book and grab the concepts. You’ll be able to excel in the examinations with the help of CRM.

  • Leaving out the Blogs and related Articles.

Knowing what the exam is about and how it is conducted, and providing professional benefits can make you want to learn the same eagerly. You can opt for the CISA® certification informational blogs & related articles. Keep them on your READ- to-do list. It is not only restricted to the CISA & CRM DVDs. Applicants should also learn about the certified information system auditors. You can easily find them by researching on the net. Just visit Google and you will be directed to many websites. They are easily accessible and provide you with an in-depth analysis of the exam preparation as well as tips to pass the exam.

You will get valuable insights into the examination. Many students just fear the exam and see the passing to fail ratio. This should not be the case! You should learn the benefits it will add to your professional life. You will be able to deal with the examination and handle the CISA questions with ease. Updated information and added advantages are also updated on the articles, blogs, and forums online. You will be updated with the latest trends and news regarding the ISACA exams. Many certified CISA professionals can share their experiences and help you cope with the complexity of the system.

  • Not Practising for the Exam of the CISA

As the old saying goes, the more you practice, the better you get. The main idea to pass the tough exam is not just restricted to the study materials or guide books but also practice question papers. One cannot be completely prepared if they have not taken the practice tests. Education websites offer many practice question papers that can help you with the CISA practice tests. You will know your weak areas and where you need to work. You will also know where you master and need to hold the best on it. You can read and comprehend your weaker sections which will help you in the examinations. With such study material, you can feel the exam vibe and know the standard of the question paper you will be getting for the CISA examinations.

  • Avoiding the Use of ISACA’s Free Resources

ISACA provides a lot of free study material for the CISA aspirants. The best source is the Review manual of CISA, and one should read the manual twice. One should work on section-2 of domains. The manual and other posts on the website should be tracked. You can read the latest news and blogs regarding the examination that will be available on the website. It will help you better understand and comprehend the CISA or the certified information system auditors.

Additional Tips

As the examination comes near, you need to prepare yourself both mentally and physically. Apart from these tips and tricks, there are general protocols you would need to follow to give the examination. These are as follows-

  • You should enrol yourself in the training that will make you understand complex topics and train you to share knowledge, and exam tips, improve your weak domains, and help you master all the aspects of IT. It will also help you to deal with time management and stress factors. These online courses are helpful to provide a general gist on exam tackling and time-reframed examinations.
  • You should perform as many practice questions for the CISA as possible. It should cover all the topics and one should revise until they get a 90% score.
  • A general goal is to get around 40% time on the given manual, nearly 20% time on incorporated training and related course methods, and remaining on the CISA practice & training exams.

To Sum Up

As you are opting for the Certified Information System Auditors (CISA®) Exam, you should give the examination as the auditor itself. The examination will not be as tough as it may seem, or the ratios make you see! It just demands regular practice and updates from the server. You need to learn the material and give as many mock tests as possible. Also, opt for the CISA course online that can help you cope with pressure. All the best!!

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