Prosus Russia avito: 6BPRinsloobloomberg Closes Position

Today, we are announcing that Prosus Russia has closed its Position in 6BPRinsloobloomberg. We want to thank our investors for their support and belief in our business.

Prosus Russia avito: 6BPRinsloobloomberg Closes Position

BPRinsloobloomberg, a Russian investment bank, has announced closing its operations in the country. The company cited “the deteriorating economic conditions” as the reason for the closure. Prosus Russia avito reports that 6BPRinsloobloomberg was one of the largest investment banks in Russia and had over $1 billion in assets under management.

What is the 6BPRinsloobloomberg?

The 6BPRinsloobloomberg, a financial technology startup, has closed its Position in Prosus Russia Holdings S.A. We decided to divest in light of Russia’s recent political and economic developments.

“The company has made the difficult decision to divest its stake in Prosus Russia Holdings due to current political and economic conditions in the country,” said the 6BPRinsloobloomberg team. “Our primary goal has always been to support strong, successful businesses and we believe that this is not the right time for Prosus Russia to grow.”

6BPRinsloobloomberg is a FinTech firm that provides innovative financial products and services to small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs). The company was founded by two serial entrepreneurs, Mikhail Geller and Evgeny Kravtsov.

The Background of 6BPRinsloobloomberg

6BPRinsloobloomberg, a financial technology firm that provides banking products and services to small businesses, announced that it had closed its Position in Prosus, Russia.

According to the company, we decided after concluding that “the risks associated with investing in Prosus Russia are too high at this point.”

6BPRinsloobloomberg’s decision is a surprise, as the company had been bullish on Prosus Russia earlier this year. In a March article, 6BPRinsloobloomberg predicted Prosus Russia would be one of the best-performing stocks in 2018.

The reason for 6BPRinsloobloomberg’s change of heart is unclear. The company did not mention any specific issues with Prosus Russia in its announcement.

6BPRinsloobloomberg joins other financial technology firms in cutting their exposure to Prosus Russia following reports of corruption and economic mismanagement within the company. Earlier this month, Zift Financial Technologies also announced cutting ties with Prosus Russia.

The Reason for the Sale of 6BPRinsloobloomberg

The 6BPRinsloobloomberg blog has been sold to the founder of, Joseph Lubin. We announced the Sale on May 27th, and the terms were not disclosed. The blog focused on Russian economics and held a distinct perspective due to its owner’s residence in Russia.

The decision to sell the blog comes as a surprise, given its recent success. Between October 2017 and March 2018, 6BPRinsloobloomberg averaged more than 700 unique visitors per day, according to Quantcast data. The blog also had a following on Twitter with over 4,000 followers as of May 27th.

In a statement announcing the Sale, Lubin said he plans to use the deal to “invest in decentralized applications and support new projects.” He added that he is “excited” about the future of Prosus Russia Avito 6bprinsloobloomberg.


The Prosus Russia avito has closed positions with 6BPRinsloobloomberg. The move comes as 6BPRinsloobloomberg gears up to file for an initial public offering.

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