Pros and cons of living in Abu Dhabi- what you need to know! 

cons of living in Abu Dhabi

Regardless of wherever you go in Abu Dhabi, you’re sure to have a fun time. At home to the world’s best mosques, each has a unique blend of cultural and global traditions. You will wish to visit them all, from rolling dunes to lush-green neighbourhoods. 

However, if you plan to settle in Abu Dhabi, the perception wouldn’t be the same. It’s because drooling over the UAE’s capital for travelling sounds excellent, but leading a decent life here doesn’t appear in the same book. Since both aspects are different, it arrives with several pros and cons, which you must acknowledge before signing an apartment for rent in Abu Dhabi

Let’s explore what makes the city admirable to live in and what disappoints the citizen most often.


Abu Dhabi is a medley of different nationalities, contributing to many languages and cuisines. Navigating the beautiful blend of traditions is one of the best factors about UAE’s capital, as one can only progress amid so many influences. It allows everyone to opt for the city without pondering over the differences.

Since Abu Dhabi is progressing at a breakneck speed, new trendy hotels and a variety of international eateries are opening up. Besides the extravagant Yas Island, you can find all the luxury in furnished residential areas. So, optimise your time in Abu Dhabi with information on how to efficiently approach unforgettable landmarks and attractions. 

Considering all the opulent products and services by the city, you might assume it’s an expensive place to live in. Yet, reality says otherwise. For instance, is it necessary to have lunch in a five-star restaurant instead of opting for a local eatery with pocket-friendly rates? Likewise, the transportation cost will be relatively less than your assumptions.


Although the rental costs have been astronomical in the past, it is beginning to be more like a tenant’s market. Still, you must expect to pay a considerable sum of your salary for a one-bedroom apartment in a decent community. While villas and swimming pools are out of the box, they still make the most sought-after additions. 

The population of Abu Dhabi is escalating like no other, so the authorities haven’t been able to keep up. Massive roadside projects attempt to ease the traffic stream, but they’re either ending up or midway through. You can experience the worst situation in the morning rush hour and when the schools let out. Abu Dhabi’s colossal grid system of U-turns, multi-lane roads, and horn-honking contributes to harsh driving conditions.

Although there’s a provision of different zones, with lanes in each sector numbered everywhere, finding an address still confuses the citizens. So, it is best to figure out a reasonable way to describe where one lives as soon as possible.

Ending Thoughts:

After listing all the merits and demerits of living in Abu Dhabi, we imply that the pros outpace the cons in some cases. So, it’s safe to move in here unless you’re up for making compromises to settle in. And for that purpose, reach out to an authentic property finder in Dubai or Abu Dhabi to make a reasonable deal. 

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