Popular Types of Baseball Caps and How to Wear Them

Just like how a sneakerhead is obsessed with collecting limited-edition footwear, a “cap head” is someone who loves collecting baseball caps of different variations. Baseball caps have always been considered a wardrobe staple and a representation of the American culture. Whether or not you love to play the sport, baseball caps can be worn on different occasions and in different seasons. 

However, not everyone is a fan of this classic accessory. Some wear baseball caps occasionally, while some consider themselves a die-hard cap head. Others, well, completely despise the thought of even wearing one. Nevertheless, fashion is constantly changing and more and more people are learning how to effectively incorporate baseball caps in different fashion subgenres. 

At present, there are many different variations of the classic baseball cap that you can choose to match any outfit. In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the most popular types of baseball caps and how you can wear them with the proper pieces. Whether or not you consider yourself a certified cap head, there’s always a baseball cap that is perfect for you. 

The Dad Cap

Dad fashion has been making a comeback in recent years. The baggy aesthetic of what our dads used to wear in the 90s started gaining popularity within the streetwear community and we can’t enough of it. “Dad caps”, or a version of the baseball cap with a longer and curvier brim, have gradually won the hearts of many fashion enthusiasts. 

This is why dad caps are perfect for almost any type of outfit if you wish to make a statement with your accessories. 

The 6-Panel Snapback

Known as the official baseball cap worn by athletes, 6-panel snapbacks provide the classic structure we know and love. They also come in different colorways and prints that typically match the baseball team’s signature color. 

They can match almost any type of outfit whether you prefer minimal basic pieces or a more graphic type of aesthetic. A typical cap head would commonly match the 6-panel snapback with sneakers that are the same color to accentuate the look. 

The 5-Panel 

This version of the baseball cap has a seamless front which allows manufacturers to display logos and prints uninterrupted. 5-panel caps have been a fashion staple for skateboarders which is why it’s quite common to see them in your local skate shop. 

Since plenty of streetwear companies today began their journey marketing to the skateboarding scene in the 90s, they were the ones who immortalized the 5-panel caps within the fashion industry. If you prefer the baggy and laid-back type of outfit, the 5-panel baseball cap is perfect for you whether or not you enjoy the thrill of skateboarding. 

The Trucker Cap

Though considered not as appealing by the majority, cap heads still have a certain appreciation for the design of the trucker cap. Just like the 5-panel cap, skateboarders and surfers love its aesthetic appeal. Trucker caps are also highly breathable because of the mesh panel at the back. 

Some trucker caps come in larger sizes so it’s always important to pay attention to how they fit you and the common outfits in your wardrobe.  

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