Peculiarities of a career as a furniture installer

History of the profession

Even during primitive times, people used stone and wood to make a semblance of a modern table, bench, etc. Over time, craftsmen began to combine various elements together using braided ropes. Over the centuries, the demand for carved furniture has allowed many merchants to increase their income. As a rule, they hired workers whose responsibilities included delivering purchased furniture directly to the customer’s home with subsequent installation at a specified location. In the era of technological progress, furniture assembly has become much easier due to the availability of professional tools.

Peculiarities of the profession

The furniture installer puts together the structural elements. Companies with a focus on the manufacture or sale of furniture recruit furniture installers. They install not only samples that are in the shop but also furniture at the customers’ homes. Large organizations employ several teams at the same time. As a rule, specialists work together, which significantly speeds up the work process. The profession of a furniture installer requires physical stamina. Installers often have to move weight on their own. Many companies do not have full-time furniture movers, so furniture installers are forced to bring furniture items into the customer’s home or apartment by themselves. The work is not suitable for people with poor eyesight, different serious diseases, as well as those who suffer from dizziness and migraine attacks.

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Responsibilities to work as a furniture installer

The assortment of furniture stores is rich in samples of various designs. Storing furniture in a warehouse in the assembled state causes inconvenience for manufacturers, requiring additional financial costs. The best way out of the situation is to disassemble the furniture into its constituent elements, which can be easily done if necessary. Furniture installers cope with this task. It is practically impossible to do without the professional help of the master in the case of buying furniture that was made to order. Without proper preparation, the average person will spend a long time while assembling. Before starting work, the master must study the instructions from the manufacturer, check the serviceability of the tools and think over the algorithm for his subsequent actions. In particular, this approach should be followed by beginners who have recently mastered the basics of the profession.

Physical endurance, good vision, fine motor skills, responsibility, carefulness, accuracy, presentable appearance, sociability, stress tolerance, patience, politeness and punctuality are necessary qualities to work as a furniture installer.

A furniture installer is a person whose services are needed by furniture showrooms, workshops and companies involved in organizing relocations. Even though the specified area of activity does not allow the opportunity to build a successful career, an experienced technician has the chance to earn more money by becoming the foreman of the team of furniture installers.

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