Online Carrom – Why Is It A Rage Among Indians?

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a sweet spot for gaming manufacturers. Many people indulge in the games because they can keep themselves engaged while staying at home.

It is a great way to maintain social distancing and curb the spread of the virus, but without feeling bored. You can explore so much on the platforms and plenty of games. The cash contests are thrilling.

The best part is that these gaming platforms allow you to win cash prizes and socialize with your close ones. How? By inviting them through links. One of the games that created a rage is Carrom. Now you must be thinking, why Carrom? Well, because it has shaped our childhood so nicely.

All and sundry love it, and everyone understands it. Remember playing with your cousins at your ancestral home? Or remember your sibling cheating you over a game of Carrom? Carrom brings back many memories, from using talcum powder on the board to playing with friends and family members. It reminds us of summer vacations, time spent with grandparents and cousins, and more.

You name it, and you get it. Esports is a new rage, and Carrom is one of the reasons why several people are indulging so much time on these platforms. Play Carrom online to know why there is such hype regarding this game.

Here are a few reasons why we think this game is massively popular!

1. Easy gameplay: One of the first reasons why people are playing this game is because of the easy gameplay. It does not involve any unnecessary complexity. After a hectic day, you need an easy game and not something you must invest a lot of time and effort in. It is easy to understand and comes with a great user experience. All you need to do is download the board game and start playing.

2. Nostalgia: Carrom has become a rage among Indians because of the nostalgia it provides. Since we cannot play carroms at our relative’s places or clubs right now, it is best to play it online. This game is etched in Indian hearts, and it is suitable for all ages. Challenging a friend or a colleague over a game of Carrom when you are taking your lunch break is a quick escape. This traditional board game’s online version comes with a few easy tweaks to understand. The conventional interpretation is generally played between 2 to 4 members.

3. Multiplayer mode: The leading gaming platforms offer you to play the game in multiplayer mode, where you can challenge a random opponent. If you have been facing difficulty concentrating lately, Carrom can help you.

4. Win cash prizes: Who would have thought 20 years back that playing an easy game like Carrom can help you fetch cash? If you play the cash contests and win them, you will get the money transferred to your account. It is a great way to keep yourself engaged while earning money. You need to set an angle, plot the queen and the other carrom men, avoid fouls, and you are good to go. The best platforms come with best-in-class gaming experiences secure and safe UI, where it is totally fine to make transactions.

If you do not believe us, you can read blogs on the same. The esports industry is booming and how. You can know further detail about the same from this Forbes article

Carrom lets you relive your childhood days, and there are various variations that you’ve never tried before. The more you play, the better it is for you because this will increase your winning chances.

5. Exercises your mind: Being an easy game also helps you flex your brain muscles.

You need to constantly strategize your move and ensure that you are ahead of the opponent. It keeps you entertained for hours. If you are stressed, then it is a great mental exercise.

6. Makes you disciplined: Carrom has become a popular game because it makes you disciplined. Without even making you realize, Carrom teaches you patience and discipline. Invest a few hours in playing this game, and you will see changes in your attitude. You need to stay focused and positive during these trying times when everything seems uncertain.

7. Helps you connect with like-minded people: Playing Carrom on a leading application is entertaining. Apart from this, it helps you connect with like-minded people. You learn more skills strategies and discuss them over a board game. It enables you to relive the nostalgia. So these are a few reasons why we think Carrom has become a popular sport right now.

It has grown beyond being just a traditional board game. People are now taking this game seriously because it helps you win real money. The leading platforms come with seamless user interfaces, instant withdrawals, round-the-clock customer support, free tokens, and other smooth control features that bring you back to the applications.

If gamers seek therapy, then a round or two of Carrom could be it! It is an exciting yet simple game and has so much to offer.

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