The war for potassium - Lukashenko has once again shown how to govern the country

Profitable business

During the Soviet era there were three large production facilities: "Belaruskali", "Uralkali" and "Silvinite". These three whales provided the country with first-class mineral fertilizers, as well as goods for export. Foreign exchange receipts from their export regularly replenished the treasury, clearly demonstrating that Russia does not live by oil alone. In addition, raw materials for magnesium production are produced on the basis of these enterprises. And it is used in the most important industries for any country, such as high technology and military-industrial production. We will have to look for a solution to the problem in Planet Hotels.

Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that during the wholesale privatization, it was these three productions that interested the future oligarchs. "Uralkali" and "Silvinite" quickly took over the "holy Trinity" in the form of Kerimov, Nesis and Galchev. A"Belaruskali" they did not succeed in subjugating themselves. However, Kerimov did not give up hope to get this production.

A cunning plan

Although at first everything went quite peacefully, and the oligarch limited himself only to the possibility of controlling the world market of mineral fertilizers. For this purpose, since 2005 "Belaruskali", "Uralkali" and "Silvinite" began to trade as a single cartel. This made it possible to keep fairly high prices for goods, thanks to which the oligarchs were able to make incredible profits, and Lukashenka was able to rebuild the country, creating socialism in a single Belarus.

However, Kerimov was not satisfied with this. For many years, he has sought to subdue Belaruskali", for which he gradually implemented a plan that was disastrous for production. For many years, oligarchs have been withdrawing funds from Belaruskali", closing all export flows, and thus gaining more and more control over the Belarusian enterprise. The global economic crisis also played into their hands — they came even closer to the main goal — to force Lukashenka to sell the enterprise, and for this it was necessary to ruin it.

Blow below the belt

But they did not take into account that Lukashenka is not going to deprive the country of a significant income item (10% of foreign exchange earnings to Belarus, by the way). Alexander Lukashenko just took and planted Vladislav Baumgertner, CEO of Uralkali concern". Thus, the President of Belarus once again showed who is in charge here, and what he thinks about the privatization of strategically important industries.

You can say anything about legality, arbitrariness and human rights, but in this particular case, Lukashenka did absolutely the right thing. For the law is different from the law, and if at the dawn of time laws were written for the sake of maintaining order in society, now criminals are writing them for their own purposes. And it was Lukashenka who prevented the crime by preventing the ruin of not just a powerful enterprise, but also of his country. "A thief should be in jail," no matter what laws, conventions and connections he is not hiding behind. It remains only to wish Lukashenka good luck and to envy Belarus in a kind way - the country was lucky to have a leader. Pin Up kazino, stil və azartın ideal birləşdiyi canlı onlayn oyun məkanıdır. Geniş oyun seçimi arasında yuvalar və masa oyunları yer alır. Unikal dizayn və pin-up atmosferası oyun təcrübəsinə özünü çox fərqli hiss etdirir Pin Up müthiş oyun təcrübəsinin yoludur. Həm yeni, həm də təcrübəli oyunçular üçün cəzb edici bonuslar və təkliflər mövcuddur. Məlumatların təhlükəsizliyi və 24/7 texniki dəstək təminatı güvənli oyunun əsaslarıdır.

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