What is live and prematch in betting shops painting

Without knowledge of the basic concepts and terms in betting, it is impossible to succeed, and beginners often get confused in these concepts, which is why they make mistakes. In this material, we will talk about how to choose a sports bet - we will talk about the concepts of line and painting, give an explanation of the main markets in betting and describe the betting mechanism.

Where to look for bets: what is a line and painting

Players make bets on various events in sports, choosing from the betting options offered by the bookmaker. They are located in a special block on the bookmaker's website, which is divided into two parts: a line and an additional painting https://artbetting-az.com/ .

A line is a line of basic events in a match: this includes bets on the outcome of the match, the main total and the handicap. The formation of the line is carried out with the help of special programs that take into account the current statistics necessary for placing the coefficients. Previously, bookmakers included more human factor in the formation of the line - analysts independently made calculations and issued quotes. Now this function is performed by the software, due to which the coefficients have become more stringent, and the occurrence of surebets is extremely rare.

Painting is the rest of the betting market within each match, in which there are additional events. These include Totals and Handicaps, Both To Score, Multiples and Exclusive Betting Options. Bettors often take the basis of betting just from the additional list - in it you can find risky markets with large odds or safety betting options. Also in the additional list are bets on statistics, which have become increasingly popular lately. The list is created not only for a full match - events can be set for quarters / periods / halves / sets, etc. This gives more choice for players.

Game mode: prematch or live

Prematch is a game mode in which bets are accepted before the game starts. The main features of the prematch are instant bet acceptance, a wider selection of events in the list. In the pre-match, players make bets in situations where they are more confident in its passage and are not afraid of changes in circumstances before the start of the game. Often this mode is used to design accumulators and systems. It is recommended that in all sports, when placing a bet in a pre-match, wait for the announcement of the teams line-up - with the exception of individual sports. In pre-match, bookmakers set tighter maximum limits for betting - an important factor for players who bet on large amounts.

Live mode - these are bets on a match that has already begun, a bet during the game. The reception of the forecast here is longer, especially when making accumulators. Live bets are good because players can catch higher odds - to a greater extent this applies to the game for total more. Live betting has recently become more popular due to the emergence of many betting strategies for different sports specifically for this game mode.

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