Peter "Tracker" Pettersson of Örebro won the Main Event 

Poker-SM has been going on since December 5 and on Saturday it all culminated in the finale, the Main Events final table. On Saturday, December 4, 1,947 people went head to head in Texas Hold'em to decide who is the best online poker player in Sweden. The next day, it became clear which nine players made it to the finals with a chance to take home the title and win SEK 730,855. At half past 2 a.m. Sunday night, it became clear that Peter Pettersson of Örebro would be the Swedish poker champion in 2021.

- I'm floating on clouds, my heart rate just starting to come down. It's so big, beastly big! - says Sweden's new champion.

Peter is 36 years old, lives in Örebro with his girlfriend and two kids, works as a manager in the construction industry and has been playing poker on a hobby level for 17 years.

- It all started well when a friend and I lived in a student apartment in Örebro and tried to play poker at We won a lot and managed to raise money for a trip abroad. Then poker was involved, we are a group of friends who sometimes play and then they played some tournaments.

Peter views tournaments like Poker-SM as a marathon.

- It's going to be a very long tournament, then there will be a special final table in a week. You heard there would be a couple of professional players in the final, of course you had time to be nervous.

Before the final table he came out with the third most chips and prepared his tactics, at first he played tight, didn't follow the live Poker-SM broadcast and put his phone away.

- I perform best when there are five or fewer players, and I didn't want to lose focus if people were texting or calling during the final.

The tactic worked, and four players were knocked out.

- I didn't play many hands in the beginning, but I was able to change the tempo when there were only five of us. I had dreamed of winning the Swedish championship for so long. But, of course, it's important to have some luck. One hand that seemed to bring me luck was Ess-Tio.

Anies, who took fifth place, he beat Ess-Tio. MulenJR, who took third place, also beat Ess-Tio. Once in the one-on-one game against Kosefin, it was the same hand again that finally led him to the title.

- I had no luck, but here it happened. It was a great feeling when it became clear that becoming champion of Sweden was so important to me. We opened the bubble and celebrated. I promised the girl part of my winnings to make her just as happy.

The 730,855 Swedish kronor would be good for a father of young children.

- We talked about a trip to the ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi, then we have young children, so the money does come in time. But the most important thing is the title, you do something for 17 years and you have to crown it by becoming the champion of Sweden. It won't get any bigger, concludes Sweden's top poker player in 2021

Result Main Event 2021

1. tracker 730 855kr
2. Kosefine 444,208kr
MulenJr 277 155kr
4. Ninjakid_x 174 645kr
5. Aniene 115 797kr
6. HDIGABTT 81 627kr
7. ingrid55 60 746kr
8. Vendandi 69
837kr 39 837kr

Winner Poker CM 2021

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