Online Betting: Some Teams Never Lose

Anyone who is into football and online betting knows that there are important factors to consider before playing. Football is a very big world, players and dynamics change, but one thing remains: some teams never lose. Any newcomer to the world of betting should know that luck plays a role, but that's not all! You need to carefully study the commands and, if you are a beginner, you can take advantage of the multiple welcome bonus.

This is an additional profit that is given on the first bets in the express formula, only to new subscribers on the bookmaker's website. The fact that there are teams that have a better chance of winning than others is a very important fact for bettors.

Obviously, in this type of game, you can never be sure of anything, but betting on a stronger team that has always shown over the years to win many times is a factor that cannot be ignored. Those who bet on online betting Indonesia feel more secure, they know that it is easier to win a ticket and that consistency can be rewarding. You may have noticed, even if you are not a passionate fan, that when it comes to football, the names you hear are more or less always the same.

Which teams always win?

As we said, for bettors, there is nothing better than finding a team that will give them certain wins. A few years ago, it was more difficult to predict the victory of one or another team: there was much more variety, from Lazio to Verona and Sampdoria. In the seventies, we heard such team names as Bologna, Cagliari, which we hardly hear now. These are all the teams that are still playing in Serie A, but they are all far from winning the championship. Read tips on virtual bets by going to this site.

This is due to the fact that since 2011 there have been many changes in the football world and the Scudetto almost always wins, and only Juventus.


Juventus is one of those teams that never loses. He dominates the Italian football scene and always wins both home and away. This is a fact that is really useful for bettors: whether you're a Juventus fan or not, you can't help but bet on this path given its history. Those who have already bet a combination that includes a Bianconeri victory and a total over 1.5 have always won. And he also won with pretty high odds!

Paris Saint Germain

But let's step back from the Italian picture for a moment. "Paris Saint-Germain" is to France what Juventus is to Italy: the source of countless recurring victories. He wins every league game and is the reigning champion: he has won six of the last seven Ligue 1 titles. Looking at the big picture and the opposing teams, there are those who say that Paris Saint-Germain already have the championship in their pocket this year .

PSV Eindhoven

Another team that cannot be ignored is PSV Eindhoven. She won the last Eredivisie trophy and has already won every race in the championship this season. The data that all gamers crave! He won eight out of eight games. The bettor anticipates PSV Eindhoven's ninth consecutive win and over 2.5 to be played in a combo.

Young Boys

As for the Swiss panorama, there is a new team on the horizon that stands out. We are talking about the "Young Boys" who stole the place from the "Basel". This team won last season and placed in the top nine of the nine games in the current league. However, he once lost 3–2 at home to Alfalfa, getting stuck in the tenth game.

Even the strongest teams can lose

You may have noticed that there is one thing that makes this last team different from others: they just lost. Even when the predictions for victory were very high. This is to show that there is always an exception that proves the rule. Even the strongest and most successful teams can sometimes lose - this deals a big blow to the bettors.

But if wins were always guaranteed, there would be no point in betting on matches. The fact that everything is unpredictable is what makes this game great. Winning a little, but always - that's what makes a winner a player who really understands football and knows how to anticipate, but also take risks, occasionally leaving the safe haven of the strongest team. Predicting certain results is not at all easy, there are many factors that can affect the victory in the match: players, possible injuries, whether you play at home or not, the strength of the opposing team.

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