Review of drugs for servicing and cleaning sewing machines

The complex equipment of professional sewing factories includes a wide range of various types of machines, such as the vehicles of the shuttle stitch, overlock and renders. The efficiency of production and its safety depend on the correct operation of these machines. How to care for sewing machines and why are their proper cleaning and maintenance so important? The importance of cleaning and maintaining sewing machines
The activities of industrial sewing workshops are based on many hours of intense work not only of people occupied there, but also machines. The intensity operation of overlocks, straight -line machines and other devices in sometimes difficult conditions affects their work. Over time, the mechanisms are contaminated not only from dust, but also from adhesives, lubricants and other chemicals. Separate elements are eroded and lose power, which makes the use of such machines ineffective, but can be dangerous. It is worth noting that regular maintenance of equipment in the sewing workshop is regulated by sanitary standards. Therefore, in order to ensure trouble -free operation of sewing machines and force them to work effectively for a long time, it is necessary to carefully clean them and properly serve, for which special chemicals are used. Bending to service and cleaning sewing machines
Good cleaning and supporting agents should first work effectively, but should also not contain toxins and smell. Sewing fittings should not leave stains and fat divorces. What kind of drugs are used to remove dirt and care for professional sewing machines? The most popular measures of this type include: oils for high -speed machines - high -quality vaseline oils, colorless, smell and non -toxic, allow you to carry out a centralized grease of overlocks, shuttle machines and other high -speed sewing devices.
Silicone preparations - without toxins, smells and dyes, products for caring for sewing equipment. They have an antistatic effect, additionally facilitate sliding, protecting from abrasion and sticking of parts. On the market, you can find silicones convenient to use in the form of a machine care spray.
Aerosol cleaners - help to effectively get rid of dirt, for example, fat, glue or resin from sewing machines.
Active cleaning foam - remove pollution from fat, dust and other substances, and also have anti -electrostatic properties.
Powder for cleaning tapes in ribbon-sliding machines. Mostbet Uz

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