How to choose the most reliable online soccer betting site

It is safe to say that soccer is the most popular game in the world. Many people know the rules of the game. Soccer matches of different levels (national, continental and world) attract a lot of attention. Therefore, it is not surprising that of all the variety of options for betting on sports, the most popular are soccer bets.

In view of this, a specific question arises: "What is the best site to bet on soccer matches?". If you still think that all bookmakers offer similar conditions and options for betting on soccer matches, this is completely wrong.

Criteria for the right bookmaker for betting on soccer matches

There are general criteria / conditions for evaluating the bookmaker (legality (availability of licenses and permits), certain financial limits) and specific (the number of offers and match options, the variability of specific offers, betting margins).

General criteria for choosing a bookmaker

Before you start choosing a bookmaker according to specific criteria, it is advisable to evaluate and compile a list of legal (legal) bookmakers with favorable limits. Why do you need such a criterion as legality? Only a legal online bookmaker gives a 100% guarantee for the payment of the possible winnings. This is due to the fact that firms such as pin up az bookmaker, which have received validated licenses and documents, value their reputation. And those organizations that ignore the submission of documents to the licensing centers, apparently created with one intention - the implementation of fraud.

Why is it important to pay attention to the limits (maximums) on bets and payouts? Everyone should know the maximum and minimum bets so that he can use specific betting strategies (for example, "Martingale system"). Moreover, in case of winning a big sum of money, one would like to be able to withdraw it at once, instead of waiting for about a month, as it often happens with small maximum withdrawal limits at a time.

Private criteria

The soccer tournament market is filled with many "secondary" matches, which is quite an important indicator. Only a beginner bettor can say that such tournaments as Hong Kong, Japan, India, Nicaragua, etc. are not interesting at all for a wide audience. But as practice shows, in such matches it is much easier than in European, European and Latin American top leagues to understand the general course of events. In most cases, for a successful bet on the matches of unclaimed tournaments it is enough to study the statistics of teams and make the right conclusion.

Based on the above, the first conclusion - ignoring the unpopular tournaments in the pre-match market and Live offers shows the unreliability of the bookmaker. The demonstrative "squeezing" of the market of predicted championships (even if unpopular) fixes the inefficiency in the work of the betting services operator.

With the variability of offers on match betting in general the situation is similar. But there are some peculiarities. It's important to note that the lack of distinctive offers for soccer betting ("goal from the goalkeeper's glove", the total number of outs, air strikes, shots on goal of a certain player and the like) does not always reflect unprofessionalism of a bookmaker. Nevertheless, the presence of as many match betting offers as possible will definitely give an advantage to the betting services operator.

Operator margin 

We have specifically highlighted the role of the bookmaker's margin as a separate item for selecting an operator for betting on soccer tournaments. You have to admit there is a big difference between the odds on TB/TM (2.5) 1.83/1.83 and 1.91/1.91 for mutually exclusive events. And that is exactly the kind of significant difference between different betting operators for the same event. No one will want to bet 1000 hryvnia to get a winnings of 830, not 910. The only thing this operator can "intercept" offers of other operators with its bonus programs and other unique privileges. By the way, it seems to be other conditions for the selection, which is not relevant to the direct selection of the most profitable operator for betting on soccer matches.


Let us make some general conclusions. The most legitimate operator is the one that offers its customers a wide range of sporting events with the best betting variability for individual tournaments and the most favorable financial limits for players.

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