Emily Sindlev speaks out against climate change but is a big consumer of airline tickets and clothes

Europe is gripped by a regular wave of heat waves, leading to drought, forest fires and deaths

That the earth's temperature is rising is not new information and many are trying to scream climate change.

One of them is Influencer Emily Sindlev, who also participated in Vild med dans, who in her old age shared a photo on Instagram from the Climatesavemoment page of a young man standing with a sign saying "This is the cold summer of your life".


However, there are a number of people on the online forum Reddit who are surprised that Emily Sindlev shares this. A number of comments:

  • Frankly ashamed to post this really shows she can't see inside.
  • The lack of self-awareness here is great.
  • She herself is responsible for the terrible overconsumption.
  • Nothing sounds more hollow than the influencers sharing these messages. They clearly haven't realized what over-consumption they themselves promote on a daily basis.

Emily Sindlev is also extremely happy traveling by plane, and she regularly shares stories on Instagram of her time at the airport.

It's common knowledge that flying is a mode of transport that emits most of the harmful CO₂ gases.

In a report on the contribution of the aviation industry to global warming, published in 2021 in the journal Environmental Research Letters, researchers found that planes emit about 100 times more CO₂ per hour than a shared bus or train ride.

Here they concluded that global aviation emissions amount to around one billion tonnes of CO₂ a year. A figure that exceeds, for example, Denmark's annual emissions.

In terms of degrees, which a few more people can learn about, the researchers calculate that if the aviation industry continues to grow after the coronavirus pandemic, it will result in an average temperature increase of 0.1 degrees Celsius in 2050. Interesting that top providers https://betting-sider.net/ are already taking online bets on these figures?

A review of Emily Sindlev's Instagram posts in 2022 also shows that she travels a lot due to work and holidays. Below you can see a full list of the 14 overseas destinations she's geo-tagged during the year.

It is not known whether Emily Sindlev flew to all of these destinations or chose other, more climate-friendly modes of transport.

However, it is known that she flew to the USA and Naples, as there are photos from the plane.

Journalists tried to get a comment from the Influencer to find out how she navigates to these destinations and how, if she is traveling by plane, it harmonizes with her desire to speak out against climate change. But Emily Sindlev did not respond to inquiries.

But it is not just flying that is weighing on the environment for Emily Sindlev.

In her profession as an Influencer, she is mainly involved in fashion, which means she gets a huge amount of clothes advertised on her profile.

In 12 weeks, Politiken estimated that Emily Sindlev has featured 38 different bags, 63 pairs of shoes, and 39 jackets on her Instagram profile.

According to the World Bank, the fashion industry caused ten percent of the world's total CO₂ emissions in 2019. That's more than the aviation and shipping industries combined.

However, Emily Sindlev, in her own words, has woken up when it comes to climate challenges.

She told media outlet Rose INC in 2021.

"For me, It Girl in 2021 is someone who expresses her opinion and is not afraid to speak out against what's wrong in the world," she explains.

"Because so much has happened, like the pandemic, the BLM protests and the MeToo movement, 2020 is the year that changed everything. Even just more discussion about climate change has woken us all up."

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