21/9 game tip for Helsingborg - Kalmarsund: good value for money!

In the second round, we have a very interesting meeting between Helsingborg and Kalmarsund. On Wednesday night, the two future playoff teams played three good points.


I decided to play overtime in this meeting. Here are some reasons why I think it is a good game:

  • The game was in Helsingborg's opener against Dalen.
  • Kalmarsund had a bad debut against Växjö, there will be a different match picture.
  • In an open match ahead, both teams have a huge advantage in attack.

A successful premiere

"Helsingborg lived up to expectations in this year's match against Dalen. Skåne came in and was able to take advantage of the fact that Dalen has lost a lot of class this year. The best use was made of the defense when the national team goalkeeper Mons Parsho no longer stopped the balls in Umeå. In this case, Helsingborg has a bunch of high-quality players in their attack and so they can have the necessary efficiency. Linus Nordgren has continued and looks like he will stay in black and blue for the rest of his career, and his radar partners continue to get points with him. On this day Linus Bergström, Höllviken's new acquisition, did the most after Nordgren himself.

In the premiere it was the first strike and Helsingborg was in the race for three points long before the opponent. The three-pointer was saved, and Skåne now has a promising start to the season. Before meeting with Kalmarsund they return home, but the confrontation is all the more difficult. Kalmarsund will ask the questions and probably lead most of the match. It will fluctuate a lot and I don't think we will have a low-scoring game. Last season these teams went 4-7 during the regular season in Skåne and then met in the playoffs. The playoffs were certainly more intense, but there will be open dampers in the second round.

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Back to back

The classic expression "back-back" means that you keep a lot of the ball in the back of the field. However, Kalmarsund is very good at this later in the season and after the defeat in the opener, you will learn to want a lot more than that against a relaxed Helsingborg. Things will change here and I think Kalmarsund's offense is looking for some goals going forward this time. In the first meeting Växjö had only two forwards, a meeting we will definitely come back to later in the season because these are the two best teams that will really challenge Storvreta and Falun this year.

Last year Kalmarsund was in the SM final and had to more or less keep their lineup. Lost some strength and routine, but brought new blood. No major changes though, and Kalmarsund will also fly ahead during the regular season this year. Not much emphasis on the premiere, the season is long and already in the second round, you can interrupt the dismal start. The replay clicks as I think Kalmarsund will not have the same patience and time with the ball as last time. It will be a different match picture here and the goals will speak for themselves. The last two of the three playoff games between the teams last season went overtime.

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