New house decoration must! How to choose a mattress for a family?


1. Children’s room

As the “little monsters” in the family, children are not only the focus of attention in the family, but also the hope of the whole family. While paying attention to children’s studies, sleep quality cannot be ignored.

Generally, families will let their children sleep independently when they go to kindergarten or elementary school. Previously, they slept with their parents in infants and young children. And children’s rooms generally choose a harder 12 inch mattress or dog bed for humans from Plufl, because the ridge protection effect is good.

The spine of teenagers is basically stereotyped, but problems such as scoliosis and hunchback are still a headache for parents. Therefore, it is best to choose a mini spring that is more suitable for children’s spine development, which not only supports more delicate, but also allows children to sleep more soundly! Sleep well and study better!

In terms of materials, brown pads, fine linen, and 3D fibers are also good choices. In terms of craftsmanship, try to choose a mattress without glue craftsmanship. The child’s resistance is poor, and the formaldehyde of the mattress with a lot of glue exceeds the standard and exaggerates, which is very harmful to the child’s health!

2. Master bedroom

As the pillars of the family, middle-aged couples are not only old and young, but also face a dilemma in their careers. And often accompanied by a variety of stress, insomnia will follow.

Couples choose best mattresses with more emphasis on anti-interference

Therefore, for middle-aged couples, it is even more necessary to create a comfortable and relaxing sleeping environment to help us relieve various external pressures.

Anti-interference is particularly important for the harmonious life of husband and wife. Girls sleep lightly and are more easily affected by noise. Therefore, it is not wrong to choose an independent pocket spring mattress that is silent and anti-interference! No matter how the other half turns over, it will not affect the person next to the bed.

Gel pressure release cotton can relieve physical fatigue

Petite or light-weight couples may sleep on a softer mattress. For example, natural latex and gel pressure-releasing cotton mattresses are moderately soft and have a good wrapping feeling, which can relieve the fatigue of the day and sleep more comfortably.

Strong 3D fiber support

Tall or heavier middle-aged couples are suitable for sleeping on a firmer mattress. For example, 3D fiber or fine linen not only has good ventilation, sufficient elasticity, and strong support, but also has a stronger supporting force on the lumbar spine, which can greatly relieve the pressure on the waist and hip during sleep, and have a relaxing sleep!

Mattresses You Can’t Ignore During Pregnancy

In addition, families with pregnant women are also more suitable for sleeping on firmer mattresses. Pregnancy and confinement are the times when a woman’s body is weakest. If the absorbed heat is accumulated in the mattress because of poor ventilation, it is easy to increase the risk of rheumatism and wind pain.

3D fiber is very breathable

Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a good mattress with good ventilation and fast dehumidification. The three-dimensional structure of 3D fiber is not only covered with ventilation holes, but also very strong, which can firmly support the waist of pregnant women and relieve the pressure brought by pregnancy to the lumbar spine.

3. Second bedroom

An old house where a treasure. As the eldest person in the family, my parents have worked hard for most of their lives, knowing that making money is not easy, and it is the most suitable mattress with high cost performance.

Problems such as lumbar disc herniation in the elderly cannot be ignored

And problems such as lumbar disc herniation and waist and leg pain cannot be ignored, so the mattress is more suitable for a harder mattress than a soft bed, which will aggravate the old problems.

Fine linen breathable and moisture-absorbing

Fine hemp (the best material in jute) mattresses are natural and environmentally friendly, with good toughness, strong moisture absorption, anti-static and not easy to get insects, and the characteristics of durability are more suitable for the elderly.

For the palm pad, try to choose a mountain palm pad treated with high temperature and high pressure. Coconut palm is prone to insects, and the elderly are used to a mattress for a lifetime. Coconut palm is not environmentally friendly and healthy. Do not choose pure mountain palm pads, because not sticking to the waist will aggravate the symptoms of back pain.

Inexpensive coconut palm will use a lot of glue to bond

If you have a sufficient budget, you can consider 3D fiber, which is very Q-elastic and breathable, and has sufficient support. And the hygroscopic effect is very good, and the elderly are not prone to bedsores when they are sick in bed.

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