New City Paradise Latest Development Updates 2023



The development updates of New City Paradise bring a new wave of hope to the investors as it is going expeditiously fast & will be ready in no time. However, certain factors in a housing society do play a vast & gigantic role in building trust & assurance factor between the developers & investors. Moreover, the future also looks way more secure & safe. It is undoubtedly one of the reasons why investors want to choose trusted, experienced & reliable developers & owners.

In addition to that, the splendid, impressive & magnificently varied features of New City Paradise, along with incredible infrastructure, play a huge part. And that too in the most affordable payment plan ever, which is rightly catering to all social classes of Pakistan. The developers of New City Paradise always intend to raise the living bar of the people & take it to the international level. The New City Paradise housing venture is proof enough.

New City Paradise Owners & Developers

The ever-promising, incredible & affordable housing society of Pakistan, New City Paradise, is proudly initiated & executed by Chaudhry Qamar Zaman & Chaudhry Saad Zaman. First is the chairman & the latter is the honorable Chief Executive of the venture.

They have & continue to deliver Pakistan’s most successful, lucrative & high-end housing venture, earning a great name in the real estate market. The trust & expectation level of the investors is skyrocketing, especially after seeing the massive success of their past project, New City Wah. Both the phases of New City Wah, Phase I & II, were received highly.

Team of Experts

New City Paradise developers have a highly qualified, skilled & experienced team on the back & front end of the project. Whether it is the engineers, architects, planners or the managing squad on both ends, the results speak of impeccable execution. Not only in New City Paradise housing society but in all of their past projects. Talking about the development phase of the New City Paradise, the team is working tirelessly & speedily with great enthusiasm & passion.

Development Status

The development status of New City Paradise is fast, speedy & life aptly executed. Therefore, all the features, facilities & impressive facilities will soon be available & ready for the investors. The development is at the fastest speed & as per the recent reports, the heavy machinery is at the development process, the speedy possible.

The land levelling process is reportedly fully completed, along with an exceedingly high amount of greenery that we can see everywhere. Especially during the development phase, so upon completion, an eco-friendly & clean environment is perfectly guaranteed.

Moreover, the impeccable architectural planning of New City Paradise includes all the needed & wanted aspects of world-class infrastructure. Whether it is top-tier health centers, educational institutes, entertainment outlets, shopping malls, mosques, villas, thematic parks or more, everything is developing quickly. In addition, no such rumors of delayed construction are valid as the on-site & latest information brings an immense positive & optimistic update.

NOC Approval & Development Speed

New City Paradise Islamabad is thoroughly approved by Punjab Housing & Town Planning Agency (PHATA). Therefore, the development speed tended to increase even more now. Not only has it increased the trust & assurance factor in the investors, but it is also making the real estate industry grow in its natural & authentic form. Therefore, the factor of NOC approval too plays a keen part in gaining the needed & trust.

For investors who want to ensure the NOC confirmation for research purposes, here’s the registration number; ‘DG-PHATA/W-1/PHS/61/2022.’

Advantages of Fast Development

There are numerous advantages of fast development & New City Paradise is ticking all the right boxes. Some of them include gaining the investors’ trust and the authentic, seamless & constant growth of the real estate industry; the developers are more confident in initiating more housing ventures as important as getting the properties of the investor ready for living.

New City Paradise fast & expeditious development speed of all the incredible property types of the society speaks highly of how lucrative & high-end the future would be.


New City Paradise is one of the most prominent, promising housing societies in Pakistan that has earned the trust & confidence of investors in no time. It is so because of the impeccable services & amenities that are at the investor’s doorstep. Not to forget the big expectations from the developers of New City Paradise. Therefore, they are delivering right on-spot & making the lifestyle more advanced. The aspect of fast & expeditious development is also one of the reasons. So, what’s the wait for? Invest timely & wisely by trusting the ever-experienced & affordable housing venture of Pakistan.

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