Must-Have Items for a Complete Bathroom

Whether it is a guest bathroom or your personal bathroom, comfort and functionality are the two most essential factors it should have. Although the bathroom décor has a huge effect on the overall feel of the bathroom, its functionality won’t be complete without the bathroom essentials. If you’re moving into a new home or simply want a nice bathroom then consider installing ADA compliant bathroom sinks and vanities to give your bathroom a fresh start.

Towel Set

Towels are obviously an essential item you should have in the bathroom. However, 1 or 2 towels are just not enough if you want a complete bathroom. Start with around 5 to 10 towels especially if you receive guests in your home. Aside from regular bath towels, you should also have other types like washcloths, bath sheets, hand towels, and many more. Look for fast-drying towels for more comfort and convenience.

Hand Soap

Regular hand washing is really essential these days to protect us from disease. You should have hand soap ready in your bathroom counter or even at the kitchen sink. You could use a different dispenser to match your bathroom décor or even an automatic one if you have a modern style bathroom.

Storage Solutions

Whether you have a small or big bathroom, storage is always an important part of it. There are plenty of storage items you could add into your bathroom aside from the regular drawers and shelves. You could install storage solutions on empty wall spaces, overhead space, and even under the sink. Aside from that, you could also add some storage items such as organizers, baskets, cabinets, and many more. An organized bathroom always looks beautiful and inviting.

Shower Curtain

A good shower curtain helps in keeping the other parts of your bathroom dry and safe from moisture while you shower. When installing a shower curtain, always choose ones that have a liner. The shower liner stays inside the shower so the water doesn’t leak out. The outer part of the curtain serves as an added privacy while you shower. Be sure to choose a shower curtain that suits the style theme of your bathroom for a harmonious look.

Toilet Bowl Essentials

Maintaining the toilet bowl is also an important part in keeping your bathroom looking neat and beautiful. Don’t forget to have a quality toilet bowl cleaner to keep it clean and sanitized. Aside from that, you would also need to have a plunger just in case clogs happen and you need an immediate fix.

Trash Bin

Lastly, you’ll need a covered trash bin to hold those trash you have in the bathroom – from used toilet paper, to empty wrappers and bottles of soaps, shampoo, and other bath products. It’s easier to keep your bathroom clean when you have a trash bin inside since you could dispose the waste instantly.

Make your bathroom feel more comfortable and functional when you have these bathroom essentials. Set it up now and feel the difference.

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