Movie Magic: How To Make Your Ideas Come To Life

If you are into movies and TV, you may be fascinated by how the people behind them can create such unique ideas or bring your favorite tales and characters to life right before your eyes. This love of movies and TV may have even sparked some creative energy in you, resulting in you coming up with idea after idea and story after story. If it has, chances are, you write an idea down as soon as possible when it comes to you. So the only question now is, what do you do with all these written notes detailing your innermost thoughts and ideas? Simple; you bring it alive, and this is how you can do it. 

Develop Your Ideas 

Before you do anything, you need to take the ideas you have and fully develop them. What direction do you want your movie to take? Are there several movies within your ideas, or can they all be part of the same one? You need to ensure you have a 3-act structure for it to work. 

Do It Yourself Or Pitch It 

You have several options here, and this entirely depends on how much control you want over your movie, whether it is just for fun or you want to see this as a serious career move, and how skilled you are in making a movie. The first option is to do it all yourself, including hiring actors, funding, filming, directing, producing, editing, etc. The second option is to pitch it to those in the film industry, like producers or executives. If they like your idea, the studio will take charge. The other option you have, which may see you take back some control without worrying about financing, is pitching to a financial sponsor or investor. Each option has pros and cons, so determine what would be best for you. 

Purchase Special FX Products 

Ever wondered how they make injuries so realistic or age up an actor without using CGI? Special effects makeup is the answer. Whether you want to create wounds or scars on a character or age them up with wrinkles, or you want to bring a completely fictional character, like an alien or monster, to life, you will want to arm yourself with special effects makeup supplies as soon as possible. After all, before you start filming, you need to be testing out different looks, styles, and techniques – so don’t delay in purchasing yours. You want to make sure you can bring your exact vision to life. Even if you choose to get a film studio to produce your movie, showing them pictures of your actors in full makeup might help showcase your idea even more. 

Get All The Equipment And Crew You Need 

From lighting to cameras and audio systems, you need to get all this and more to help your movie come to life. Buying it might be a wise decision if you plan on making another movie. Once you have this, you need to think about who will be setting all this up and overseeing this during film production. Getting yourself a crew may seem like you are losing some control over your movie, but you will benefit from hiring some additional help or getting volunteers. Having another person on board might give you some perspective. Plus, it means you can fully concentrate on directing, editing, or even acting, knowing that it is in safe hands. 

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