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BitClout is a social media platform that has been making headlines since its launch in March 2021. This decentralized social network has generated a lot of buzz, attracting investors and users alike. One of the platform’s most prominent users is April Laster, a New York-based writer, and journalist who has written about Look Bitclout Aprillester Newyorker. This article will delve into BitClout and April Laster’s perspectives on the platform.

What is BitClout?

BitClout is a decentralized social media platform that allows users to invest in the social capital of other users. It works on a blockchain, and users can buy and sell “creator coins,” unique tokens representing specific users on the platform. The value of creator coins is determined by supply and demand: if a user’s popularity increases, so does the value of their creator coin. Similarly, if a user falls out of favor, the value of their creator coin will decrease.

BitClout’s unique value proposition is that it enables users to monetize their social capital. Unlike other social media platforms that rely on advertising revenue, BitClout allows users to earn money directly from their followers. The platform takes a 10% cut of all transactions, but the rest goes to the user whose creator coin is being traded.

Who is April Laster?

April Laster is a New York-based writer and journalist who has written for publications such as The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and The Washington Post. Laster has been covering BitClout since its launch and has written extensively about its potential and controversies. In a recent article for The New Yorker, Laster argued that BitClout has the potential to upend the social media landscape.

Laster’s Perspective on BitClout

In her writing, Laster has expressed both enthusiasm and skepticism about BitClout. On the one hand, she sees the potential for the platform to provide a new model for social media that puts the power back in the hands of users. Laster believes that BitClout could provide a way for creators to earn money directly from their followers without relying on advertisers or intermediaries.

On the other hand, Laster has also highlighted some of the controversies surrounding BitClout. One of the main criticisms of the platform is that it allows anonymous users to create creator coins for other users without their permission. It has led to instances of impersonation and harassment, which Laster has documented in her reporting.

Laster has also pointed out that BitClout has been accused of being a “pump and dump” scheme, where early investors drive up the price of creator coins and then sell them off, leaving latecomers with worthless coins. However, Laster has also noted that BitClout’s blockchain-based model makes it more difficult for such schemes to succeed.


BitClout is a new and innovative social media platform that has attracted much attention in its short existence. A prominent journalist and writer, April Laster, has extensively covered the foruprapraising and criticizingtial and controversies. Whether BitClout can live up to its promise remains to be seen, but it is clear that the platform is shaking up the social media landscape in new and exciting ways.

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