Living options in Seoul for international interns and students

There are many places for rent in Seoul, South Korea. Seoul offers many living options that can cater to your needs, lifestyle, and budget. In this article, Ziptoss has made a list of the different living options suitable for international students and interns.


This living option provides basic amenities such as a kitchen, bathroom, and a washing machine, and a set of stairs leading to a low-ceiling space where you can place a mattress to sleep in.

Some things to take note of are the price, required length of stay, and security deposit. Monthly rent for officetels will cost over $1,000(1,185,500 Won), security deposit can range from $5,000-$10,000(5,900,000 Won- 11,855,000 Won), and the usual duration for renting is 1 year.


Airbnb is popular all over the world, including Seoul. You’ll find many of these online and it’s easy to book your stay on their website. You can also narrow down your search by selecting options that would suit you. Airbnb is a good option for short-term stays, but it may be expensive if you decide to stay for longer than a month.

Dorm or Gisuka(gisugsa)

It’s a good living option if you’re a student and on a budget, however, most dorms have curfews which might be frustrating at times when you want to have a night out.

Guesthouse/Shared house

Similar to a dorm or Gisuk, a shared house’s main difference is the design of the place and its distance from the campus. When you decide to live in a guesthouse or a shared house, you’ll be living with a large group of people and you may have to set some house rules.

You don’t have to be in Korea for the next year to have a good time. You can stay in Seoul for a month, or even go for a week without having to leave the city. Seoul is an international city with many options for those who wish to live and work abroad. Living in Seoul for international interns and students is a great opportunity to live abroad and experience a different culture. It can be something as simple as sleeping in a dorm room or learning to speak an interesting language.

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