Leverage Free Tutor Flyer Templates in PSD to Promote Your Tutoring Classes

When online classes feel distant, tutoring provides required time for students who lack support from their schools. There is a growing demand for tutors. With a significant surge comes an opportunity for people planning to offer tutoring services.

Tutoring is incredibly flexible. You don’t require any specialized training to tutor students. So, you can start your tutoring classes anytime and supplement your income. But to spread the word about your tutoring classes, you need to pull parents’ and students’ attention towards it.

A professional tutoring flyer will help you get the words out. There are hundreds of tutor flyer templates out there on the Web that you can customize as per your needs.

We have created a list of free tutor flyer templates to get you started.

Babysitter & Tutor Flyer Template

If you want to babysit along with tutoring, get yourself a tutor flyer template that promotes both. Choose a flyer that features attractive graphics of children and other related images. Such a flyer will help connect with parents with ease and promote your tutoring services.

Summer Tutoring Flyer Template

You can get the words out about your summer tutoring camps and sessions with an eye-catching flyer. Make sure the flyer you choose is tinted with summer colors to excite students. Also, check whether the flyer template has enough space to incorporate all that you want to promote.

Vintage Tutoring Flyer Template

If you are a fan of retro themes, you can give your tutoring flyer a retro touch. Present your torturing services with vintage vibes using bold typography, earthy hues, and shapes. People are sure to notice your services.

Math Tutoring Flyer Template

There are many online sites where you can check math tutoring flyer templates. Choose a flyer that provides all the essential details your prospects seek when looking for a math tutor. Pick a fully editable PSD flyer that you can customize with ease.

School Tutoring Flyer Template

A school tutoring flyer is excellent for promoting your tutoring services. Use lovely colors like green, pink, and more for a contrasting but soothing-to-the-eyes palette. Once you get the colors right, it takes just a glance to attract the target audience.

Designing a stunning flyer for your tutoring business takes just a few minutes. There are many tools available on the Web for free. Leverage them or visit sites like Canva or Designhill that give access to hundreds of flyers.

But before you do so, keep these tips in mind.

Choose a suitable category

Is your flyer meant for schools, tutoring, real estate, or something else? Choose a relevant category first, and then get started.

Choose a relevant template style

Once you have defined your industry, it’s time to choose a suitable tutor flyer template. Having the exact idea in mind helps you pick a relevant flyer. It also eases the whole process and helps determine the design of your flyer.

Decide on an effective format

Any flyer template that you choose would work as a blank canvas. You need to transform it into a marketing tool. You need to include your products, offerings, brand voice, and tone in a readable format. The foremost role of any flyer is to evoke the readers’ feelings and entice them to check out your business or contact you. You shouldn’t mention the legal information on your tutoring flyer. Avoid too much information and jargon.

Highlight the required information in a short, concise manner.

List your services

Tutoring isn’t confined, but it’s a broad domain. So, don’t leave your prospects guessing whether you’re skilled to help them out. If they call you to get furnished with necessary information about your services, it means your flyer may end up in a trash bin. So, you need to list all the services in your flyer. Also, don’t forget to add the level of students you teach long with the overview of the subject matters.

Build credibility through flyer

When looking for a tutor, parents choose those who they can trust. College goers prefer tutors who can help them secure good grades, while adults seek the expertise of those who can help them improve their careers. So, let your flyer tell your audience what they can expect from you. Then, you can highlight your educational degrees, awards, experience, and certifications.

These things help you build credibility among your audience.

Include your contact information correctly

No matter how well you have designed your tutor flyer, it’s of no use if it doesn’t include your contact information. So don’t forget to mention your contact in more than one prominent place on your flyer. For example, you should have your email address, phone number, social handles, Skype contact, and website at the place you think is noticeable. 

Give your audience more than one way to reach you. For example, if you have business cards, you can hand them in person. Make sure to proofread your flyer before giving it a final call. Avoid spelling mistakes as it ruins your reputation as a tutor.


Indeed, tutoring flyers have a significant impact on the audience. You can use them to attract more people to your tutoring services. An elegant tutoring flyer not only grabs the attention of your audience but also provides relevant information. Use online tutoring flyer templates to create one for free.

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