Is Invisalign Cheaper than Braces: The Complete Cost Comparison

Recently, the number of people interested in orthodontics procedures have been on the rise, as people are realizing that they can boost their confidence and improve their smiles with this dental procedure. Other than safety concerns, many people are asking about the costs of getting Invisalign versus the cost of braces. In this article, we provide the cost information about braces and invisible aligners to enable you to plan before you visit an Invisalign clinic.

The Average Cost of Invisalign and Braces

The real costs of invisalign that you would incur for Invisalign will be similar to that of braces and will be typically priced from $1,800 to $9000. The reason for the variation is that some additional dental procedures such as removing crowded teeth and fitting Invisalign attachments before the procedure commences. These additional treatments or procedures can help push the costs higher.

For those who have an overbite, the time which it takes to shift your teeth to their desired position will be longer. The average prices for auxiliary orthodontics procedures in your city will also come into play when determining the final price. Whether or not you have insurance is another issue when determining how much you will pay for your orthodontics procedure.

Braces Are Cheaper Than Invisalign?

Although a range of costs is normally provided, Invisible aligners cost more by an average amount of $2,500. To be specific, Invisible aligners may cost between $2000 and $9000 while braves will be costing between $1800 to $6000. Again, you should be reminded that this cost variation depends on other treatments that may be required, the variations in experiences of the orthodontics expert, and the fraction of the total costs that will be covered by dental insurance.

Invisalign Demands More Effort

Invisalign will require more effort than conventional braces. Invisalign should be worn for up to 22 hours every day for them to deliver the right results. They are removable, and this makes them somehow delicate so more care should be put in place.  If the users of Invisalign fail to follow the recommended procedure, they will end up prolonging the time they will be in the Invisible aligners. Braces are semi-permanent and will be hard to get it off without a dental procedure.

The Storage Case for Invisalign Also Adds Cost

Since braces are somehow permanently fixed, and can only be removed through a dental procedure, Invisalign can easily be removed. Also, you will need an Invisalign case for storage of the invisible aligners. This is another factor that contributes to the high cost of Invisalign.


The cost of invisalign and braces differ, and this can be attributed to various factors. Invisalign requires more procedures, more cleaning, and proper maintenance. You will need an Invisalign case to store the aligners when not wearing them. Your orthodontist should be able to advise you about the exact cost since this will help you choose between braces and invisible aligners.

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