Is Dinar Guru a Scam?

dinar guru

The name Dinar Guru sounds promising, but it’s a scam. This online publication provides daily updates on the Iraqi currency and promises outsized returns. It’s time to learn how to avoid falling victim to Dinar Guru’s gimmicks. Read on to discover whether it’s a good idea to invest in the Iraqi currency. We’ll explain why this website is a scam and offer you some tips to help you protect yourself.

Dinar Guru is an online publication

While there are several reputable publications dealing with the dinar, it is essential to note that the risk involved in foreign currency investments is high and should be avoided at all costs. As with any investment, there are no guarantees. You should seek out professional advice on foreign currency investments before taking on any risk. Dinar Guru is just one example of an internet scam. Let’s take a closer look. In addition to their claim of making you millions of dollars, they also make it sound like the dinar market is on a downward trend.

The website Dinar Guru doesn’t charge a membership fee and there is no subscription fee, making it free for all to access. The website was created to teach its readers how to get the most out of their investments by teaching them as much as possible about the foreign exchange market. The articles, written by professional analysts are free and easy to understand. The articles on the site also provide free tips on how to make the most of your investments.

It offers daily updates on the Iraqi currency

The news that the Iraqi central bank has unanimously voted to lift Chapter VII sanctions on the country has caused the dinar to skyrocket. Iraqi officials and Kuwaiti media confirm the decision, but there is no official proclamation yet. Many dinar gurus believe the sanctions will be lifted from American and European banking. They also expect more dinar banks to start dealing with the Iraqi currency.

The dinar is the currency of Iraq and the new one was released shortly after Saddam Hussein was overthrown by a US-led coalition. Whether or not the dinar will rise or fall is difficult to predict, so investors should do their own research. To stay ahead of the game, keep checking for reliable dinar news and recaps. You don’t want to miss out on a great opportunity that can lead to millions of dollars.

It promises exaggerated returns

When an “Iraqi dinar” investment program advertises exaggerated returns, it’s best to avoid the offer immediately. These gurus are typically scam artists who use shady tactics to lure unsuspecting investors. The first thing to look for is a complete track record and history. A savvy investor would look beyond a single post to gain insight into the entire picture. Another good sign of a reputable guru is a newshound who reports on what is happening in the news and public domain.

One common ploy used by Dinar Guru scammers is claiming that the IQD would appreciate in value as the US dollar depreciates. They make the claim that a dollar investment of $1,000 today will earn you 1.2 million IQD in a few years. However, these claims are impossible. In addition to the exaggerated returns, these gurus claim that IQD is a volatile currency and no investment is a “sure thing.”

It is a scam

If you are thinking that the Dinar Guru is a scam, you need to know the details about its operation. It promises rapid growth of the IQD and a 1:1 IQD to USD exchange rate. With a one thousand dollar investment, you would gain 1.16 million IQD. But, no currency could match the dollar’s value in such a short period. And no investment is a “sure shot” because Dinars are subject to revaluation.

The scam is perpetrated by individuals who promote the Dinar Guru through unofficial methods and make exaggerated promises. It is not possible to invest in the Dinar through an established financial institution. Furthermore, states like Alabama, Oklahoma, and Utah have warned investors to avoid investing in Iraqi dinars. So, how do you protect yourself from falling victim to the Dinar Guru scam? The best way to avoid falling prey to these shady operators is to choose a reputable online broker.

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