Is Chocolate Really More Nutritious Than It Is Delicious?


Is chocolate you buy in chocolate boxes good for your health? While “sweets, fats, and oils” are low on the dietary pyramid, they may want to reconsider chocolate in the near future. As this natural compound derived from the cacao bean is researched more, it seems that only positive characteristics are emerging! For those who want to use chocolate to prevent ageing, insulin sensitivity, and heart disease, not just any chocolate will do. Skip this post if you’re firmly in the ‘vanilla camp’ since you’re going to discover exactly how fantastic this delightful dish really is!

The origins of chocolate may be traced back to the aboriginal peoples of South America. You undoubtedly taught in history class that the ancient Aztec monarchs would drink up to ten cups of cocoa water every day in the hope of attaining immortality. While it certainly did not work miracles, it was tasty and beneficial to their health. The narrative is still going on today, with a find on San Blas Island. Research has shown that there are very low rates of common diseases there, including diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, and heart disease, among those living there who drink a lot of cocoa every day. You can find research on the issue by searching for “San Blas Island” and “American Journal Clinical Nutrition” on Google.

Let’s get to the chocolate part without going into too much detail about the research.

Why is it so beneficial to your health?

The chocolate you see in the chocolate packaging is high in anti-oxidants. These unique chemicals protect the body from free radical damage. Free radicals are produced as a result of oxidation (you, breathing), pollution or chemicals. They are present everywhere and the normal metabolism of meals, as well as exercise. Anti-oxidants help prevent free radical damage and slow down the ageing process. The more anti-oxidants you have, the more you will benefit. But how much chocolate is there? Blueberries (and other dark berries) have received a lot of attention for their anti-oxidant properties. But dark chocolate has 12 times the ORAC value of blueberries! 

Second, magnesium is what you find in chocolate. Magnesium not only improves your sleep, helps you absorb calcium from meals, and improves your heart health, but it also improves your immune system. Natural magnesium sources like chocolate you purchase in chocolate boxes are among the simplest. Brazil Nuts contain it as well, but how frequent are they? And what if you don’t agree with them?

The third benefit is that it increases insulin sensitivity. If you want to prevent diabetes, you need to have a high level of sensitivity. Proper blood sugar management also aids in the maintenance of consistent energy levels throughout the day. This includes the potential to decrease blood pressure and improve vascular health. After all, the huge cocoa drinkers in San Blas have a very low risk of heart disease, and cocoa is the answer.

Plenty Of Brands Are Available

During your investigation, you may discover that Mars (the company that produces M&Ms and other candy) has provided funding for scientists to investigate chocolate. Of course, they’d love it if they could discover a method to make their wonderful items healthier for consumers as well. So, how come you weren’t aware of the study? Because it discovered that dark, unsweetened chocolate works best. Sweets, milk chocolate, white chocolate, and candy bars are not acceptable. Sweets include sugar, which induces inflammation and insulin response; therefore, they will not assist you. The study’s findings may have disappointed the corporation, but they may still help you!

How much food do you need to consume each day?

Only around two tablespoons (that’s not much!) will provide you with a favorable amount of all the benefits that cocoa has to offer. The greatest chocolate to buy in custom chocolate boxes is the one with the least amount of sugar. Sugar-free cocoa (also known as baking cocoa or bitter chocolate) is good, particularly if it is organic. This cocoa has no extra things. Avoid “Dutch Process” and “Special Dark” kinds since they have been processed, removing some of the advantages.

How are you going to consume it?

It may sound odd to ask a chocolate enthusiast how to eat chocolate, but when you’re looking at two tablespoons each day, for as long as feasible, it may become a challenge. You can’t simply put it into milk or water and expect it to taste good because it’s sugar-free. When you know about another natural secret: Stevia, there are lots of methods to receive your two tablespoons of health power every day.

Stevia is what you may extract from the stevia plant’s leaf, although it appears as a white powder. It has a very sweet flavor, yet it has no insulin reaction. Unlike artificial sweeteners, it is also natural and harmless. It allows you to sweeten without adding sugar or causing irritation. You may now add cocoa to milk, coffee, energy drinks, plain yoghurt, and a variety of other foods without fear of it being ‘bitter.’ You can use chocolate boxes packaging to pack your items.

Try Some Combos

Try the following combo for a mini-recipe that will boost your energy levels, keep you feeling full, and provide a strong punch of pure healthiness:

  • 1 cup plain, sugar-free, fat-free yoghurt, single serving (6 oz).
  • And either 4, 5, or 6 tablespoons unsweetened, pure cocoa powder.
  • Coupled with 1/8 teaspoon stevia (up to 1/4 teaspoon, to taste).
  • As well as two tablespoons or more of chia seeds.

Mix well, and you’ll have plenty for two days. (That is if you can stay away from the wonderful treat for that long!) How can you use the chia seeds? You feel fuller for longer with the addition of calcium, complete protein, and B vitamins. They also include higher magnesium and soluble and insoluble fiber. You won’t even notice them if you don’t taste them; they have no flavor of their own. Not only is this combo tasty and nutritious, but it’s also quite cheap to create. You may spend a fortune on designer yoghurts that are high in sugar. Or you can make this easy treat and get all of the health advantages it provides.

Add cocoa to your diet if you want to improve your health in a simple and delicious way! You can use chocolate boxes to pack your creation. What will you do with this information to help you be healthier? How about healthier recipes and hints? Share with us.

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