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If you must buy this right away can wait a little bit longer.

thus I’ve had the iPhone 12 since the date was released, however, I’m primarily an iPhone 12 pro max user and I do switch back to the iPhone 12 from time to time one of the items that I continuously appreciate whenever I come to the iPhone 12 is simply how much a lot of compact and easier to use it is.

In my opinion, the iPhone 12 is the perfect smartphone for every iPhone lover. currently, one of the most reasons for that’s though the stainless-steel appearance very nice and after all it’ additional durable, it just gets fingerprints therefore quickly.

Now having aforesaid that, we tend to have a glossy finish on the rear that has the alternative effect.

And if you use iPhone 12 cases, then you’re extremely not getting to be bothered from scratching and dents regarding either of these things.


You’ve now got complete of six different colours. Which are white, black, red, blue, green, and most loved purple colour. currently, let me simply say that there’s virtually no different smartphone company within the world that may produce the most hype around a brand new colour device.

Only Apple can do that and I assume they’ve done a very smart job here with the purple. I do like this colour, it’s nice that we’ve got the colour coordinated metallic element frame, that compliments the back. the show currently lets point out the display.

Thus I additionally love the display on the iPhone 12. It’s strong and scratch-proof that is formed as a ceramic coating.

Usually speaking, it’s a very, excellent display. one thing that I’d wish to see in the future is a forever on display. 


Let’s move to the cameras. thus, in my opinion, the iPhone 12 has a number of the most effective cameras on any smartphone right now.

The two cameras here are just about just like the professional likewise so I’ve very likeable shooting with these. once you’re using the first cameras for portraits, they’re just pretty much identical.

However with the pro and also the pro-Max, you are doing have the ability to use the telephotograph camera, and they truly take sensible results overall.

Software performance

Right now, let’s speak a bit about the software performance. thus we’ve got recently got iOS 14.5 and this brought loads of improvements that we’ve been talking about for the past few months, specifically the face ID situatiobi

Thus let me just say I completely love face ID and it’s one thing that’ is thus convenient and that I conjointly love what proportion it’s integrated with innumerable apps, similar to banking apps and stuff.

I don’t have to be compelled to enter my password in or something like that, I will just use face ID and it works and it’s very, very convenient. 

RAM management 

RAM is simply how many processes are happening only once and how many things can endure within the background.

The iPhone 12 has less RAM compared to the pro and the pro max, however, this can be one thing that I’ve experienced on the pro and the pro-Max as well.

If it’s a case that I-phones want additional RAM for this, then I hope the I-phones in future have more RAM.

Speed and performance Right now, the new iPhones also go along with 5G.

Thus what has been my expertise over the past six months with 5G? Well, if I’m utterly honest with you, wherever I live right now, there is not that abundant 5G coverage, it’s solely in the central areas.

Thus whenever I’m in the central areas, I will expertise nice 5G speeds, but other than that, I’ve not very been ready to experience 5G to its full potential.

However, I’m glad 5G is here on the iPhone 12 as a result it simply implies that these devices are future-proofed. 

Battery life

In my experience, the iPhone 12 has average battery life.

Even when six months, this very gets me through the day on most occasions unless I’m using the camera plenty or if I’m gaming a lot, then obviously it’s not going to last as long.

Now, let’s speak a little bit concerning the entire charging situation. the primary issue is that these new iPhones support quicker charging and if you are doing need to require advantage of quick charging.

If you’ve got an older charger, it’s not going to be ready to do this thus you’d need to go and buy this new charger singly that goes to cost around 19 pounds and that’ clearly getting to impact the environment.


Let’s now point out pricing. therefore the iPhone 12, right away if you would like to shop for it from Apple directly, you’re still going to be paying an equivalent value as once it was released.

Thus it’s about 800 pounds within the UK, and 50 pounds a lot of you may get double the storage.

currently, the primary issue that I would like to mention right away is that if you are considering shopping for the iPhone 12, I’d suggest going for double the storage 128 gigabytes.

However, to answer the question, do you have to purchase this right now? Well, there are a couple of things here.

I would like to mention foremost that the iPhone 12 is an amazing smartphone and it’s still my suggested iPhone for many folks even six months on, but you are doing have to detain mind that it’s been six months since this has been out, which suggests that in another six months, there’ll be the next iPhone out.

Final verdict

Well, I can still suggest the iPhone 12 six months on and I think it’s a wonderful device, which can last you a decent few years. That’s what I believe anyway. What do you guys think? Drop me a comment below.

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