Indigestible carbohydrates

When we come across the term carbs or carbohydrates we picture potatoes or break and baked stuff. All the sugars and starches are carbohydrates of several different sizes. But all of these aren’t good for your health. Some carbohydrates have proven to be indigestible and may cause problems in your diet. These foods and their constituents are mentioned below.

Dietary fiber and Complex Carbohydrates

Dietary fiber is said to be one of the most beneficial foods for your health. It has many good reasons to be a part of your chosen diet. But some of these dietary fibers consist of indigestible carbohydrates. They consist of a group of complex molecules of carbs that are found mostly in vegetables, fruits, and beans or pulses. These complex carbohydrates have complex physical structures that can be called fibrous.

This fibrosity of these molecules restrains them from getting digested and rather changes them into calories and deposit forms. Most of the dietary fibers pass through your gastrointestinal tract, unaffected. Some of the vital sources of dietary fibers are pulses, beans, grains of wheat and vegetables i.e. broccoli, leafy greens and dense fruits.

Water friendly carbs

You must’ve heard about the chemistry phrase “like dissolves like”. This means the substances with similar chemistry dissolve into each other. Water makes 70 percent of our body. So carbohydrates that have smaller molecular size, dissolve in water and travel along with it in the body. This makes its processing, excretion and usage quite easy.

If we study the track of fluids and food in our body we will be able to understand how the body processes water soluble carbs. These molecules travel through your intestines and become a gel like gluey substance, which allows it to bind to bile and get removed from the body.

Bile contains fats and cholesterol, which when carbs are added are removed along. This proves that water soluble carbs help your body in getting rid of any excessive fats and cholesterol and itself causes no harm.

Soluble fiber also helps in keeping you full for a longer period of time. This is because it makes your digestion slow and occupies space in your stomach, which helps control weight. A good source of these carbs are yams that stimulate good bacteria in your intestines.

Insoluble Fiber

The other main type of fiber is insoluble fiber. It does not dissolve in water which means it does not process like other edible materials. This fiber sits in the large intestine and bulks up. This bulk gives you a hard time in excretion meriting a visit to a urologist in MaxHealth Hospital.

It affects your bowel movements as well as your digestion. Moreover, insoluble carbohydrates have a cleansing effect on the intestine and promote the mobility and advancement of processed food. For

having a meal with good sources of insoluble fats, add oats and barley as well as whole grain wheat into your diet.


Foods that are based on plants contain both types of fibers. They even have other discrete varieties of nutrients that might be harmful if consumed in excess. However, advanced food processing mechanisms have made it possible to separate the harmful contents from the raw ingredients. As a result we have a wide range of foods which have carbohydrates processed and on the other hand, unprocessed foods. The market today is broadly classified into organic and inorganic foods. Some of them are further classified on the percentage of carbohydrates they contain in them.

Consult a doctor

Don’t consume too many carbs on your own. For a healthy life and body, you need to balance everything and take fixed proportions of all foods. Hence, before making any major changes consult your doctor regarding your diet. You can find a urologist in Lahore through

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